Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yet Another Post Where I Discuss My Fitness

I successfully completed Day 16 of the 30 Day Shred, which means I am officially Over Half Way. I'm really, really excited that I have stuck with it this long, especially since I have been out of town since Saturday. That is a really momentous accomplishment for me since I always, always, always gain weight when I vist my family.

I got to see a dear friend today and wound up explaining the 30 Day Shred to her and I realized that maybe not all of you know what it is. So, please, allow me to explain. It's a 20 minute workout (Although that's a bit of a lie as Level 2 definitely does not end until minute 26.) in which you do 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. And then you do that 3 times. You also begin with a short warm up and end with a laughably short cool down. So it's definitely a full body work out. And since it's so short, you can do it everyday. (The goal being 30 days in a row, hence the name. Supposedly, you are "shredded" by Day 30.) On the flip side, since it IS so short, it's pretty hard core. I'd go so far as to say it makes you want to die. Repeatedly.

So there are two girls with Jillian who show you the moves. Anita does the "beginner" moves and Natalie does the "badass" moves. (Jillian's words, not mine.) Natalie cheats ALL THE TIME and it drives me crazy that she is supposed to be "advanced." Anita is SERIOUSLY HOT and is most definitely not a beginner, so I guess I don't feel so bad following her, even though I know she could do all the advanced stuff no problem. So Jillian reminds you to push yourself, but if you can't keep up with her and Natalie, to follow Anita. I DEFINITELY had to follow Anita the ENTIRE time on Day 1 of Level 2. But today, I decided to try and do as many of the advanced moves as I could. I made it all the way until the very last set of cardio exercises. I can do the plank jacks, but the double jump ropes are just too much. Even though Jillian says she wants you to gargle your heart, I don't thinks she ACTUALLY wants me to pass out. Well, she probably DOES want me to pass out, but my mom doesn't want me to, so I try to refrain for her sake. (For the record, Jillian wants you to gargle your heart at the end of the SECOND circuit of cardio. She wants you to feel like you're going to DIE at the end of the THIRD circuit of cardio. SO! ENCOURAGING!) So I am almost there with being "advanced" for Level 2 and to be honest, I am SHOCKED that I am doing as well I am.

The one advantage to having an audience member is that she has noticed how I have improved since I first worked out Saturday night. She noticed last night when I did the first set of plank jump thingies. And then again today, she commented on how I was able to do more difficult moves and can tell a difference in my endurance. And y'all, I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels to be able to do that. And for someone to even NOTICE. I am not athletic AT ALL. I really hate working out. And to be honest, I loathe shredding every day, but the sense of accomplishment when I am finished is so, so, so satisfying that it is motivation enough to keep going. I like knowing that I am pushing myself and growing stronger.

I want to set a good example for Jack NOW, you know? I want him to grow up thinking that his mom is disciplined enough to take care of herself. And that his mom loves him enough to make time for herself so she function at her best. I want him to know that she wants to stick around for the long haul and see him have sweet little red headed babies of his own. And I want him to know that it's good to challenge himself. And it's okay to try something that he is not sure he will succeed in. In fact, it's pretty awesome to take on a task that scares him. I want him to know that he can push himself to the point where he thinks he can't do it, and then keep going because HOLY COW, he really IS strong. He really CAN do this.


Uh...I went a little deeper than I meant to there. The 30 Day Shred! It makes you think!

Anyway, you know what else is motivating? Fitting into a pre-pregnancy t-shirt and pair of jeans with ROOM TO SPARE.



The Crows said...

Way to go, girlfriend!!!!

Mel said...

You are amazing and inspiring. Wahoo!