Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fitness-Related Stuff

I tried the gym child care for the first time today.

In other news, I didn't get to work out today.

Jack seemed upset the second I walked away from him in the day care room. I was hoping that he would stay calm and happy and play with my trainer's toddler. I stuck around for a little while and then decided to suck it up and let the baby learn how to live on his own.

I got on the treadmill to warm up and when I got off, the guy at the front desk said, "Uh, she's REALLY struggling back there with your baby. He won't stop screaming."

I walked back to the child care room and lo, the sounds of my child screaming his little red head off were there. It took me quite a while to get him to calm down. I tried sitting him down again and entertain him with a bouncy ball and he was having NONE of it.

I walked him out to reschedule the trainer and she asked if she could hold him. Maybe she could hold him while I exercised! I was all excited that maybe that would work. That excitement lasted for all of 10 seconds before he started screaming again. And the biggest, most impressive snot bubble came out of his nose and we knew it was over.

Jack and I came home and he fell asleep almost immediately. And has not woken up since. So...I guess he was tired? I know, I'm mom of the year for knowing my son so well.

So we're going to try again on Friday. Outside. At a track. Where Jack can sit in a stroller and watch me the whole time. Hopefully it will go a little bit better.


I've been meaning to mention this on here for a while, but I joined Spark People to help me keep track of my calories and work outs. It's been really great so far and I highly recommend the site as a tool to help you keep track of your fitness. They have recipes, strength routines, articles, and other good stuff.

My favorite part is that they break down the nutrients of your food and then GRAPH it for you. Like, with pie charts and EVERYTHING. It's quite the eye opener to see how many calories, fat grams, carbs, and such that you are consuming every day.

And the best part is that it's all free! Woo!


I'm still sticking with the 30 Day Shred. I missed Sunday because I was feeling like crap and was pretty sure I was going to puke if I even tried doing 30 seconds of jumping jacks. But I've done it every other day, so I am on Day 7 today. Only three more days until Level 2!

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