Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today, I learned that running into an ex does not a good four month anniversary make.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Update to the Previous Post in which I Expouded on Meeting People on the Internet versus Real Life

So the dude who lives (I think?) near Alex? Well, he signed onto AIM last night! So I almost immediately pounced. Here's my interpretation of how our conversation went:

Me: Dude? Hey! How are you? What's up? I think I know where you live! I saw you! Oh my gosh.

Dude: Um, yeah, maybe. Whatever.

Me: So my boyfriend lives near you and we've both seen you walking your dog and I'm so excited to talk to you!

Dude: Yeah, ok. Maybe. So where do you go to church?

Me: ...

I think maybe I came on a little too strong? Not sure really. I just know that he wasn't overly excited at the thought of seeing me or really talking to me either. Oops.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Need Summer To Last 'Till October

It's Septmeber 3rd and sweatshirt weather. I'm not ready for this.

We went to Alex's little brother's high school football game Friday night in order to yell at him as he marched in the band and cause general embarassment. Because who doesn't need help making friends when you're a 14-year-old freshman? Anyway, I thought for sure that I could survive the chilly, early autumn weather in a comfy sweatshirt and flip flops. No. The rain said otherwise. I froze the entire time and didn't warm up until we went to Caribou Coffee and I imbibed a tasty Campfire Mocha. (This was my first Caribou Coffee experience and I now see why Starbucks is having a slight financial crisis. That mocha was amazing! And there were faux moose hanging around! Starbucks doesn't have faux-moose! I have always been a hardcore Starbucks supporter, and have never found another coffee shop to rival it...until now. But don't worry you little yuppie producing hipster coffee bean makers! I still love you!)

Unrelated website find of the day: I found this site via EW's PopWatch Blog. (The best magazine in the world continues to prove its worthinesss!) If there was ever a website that I could relate to, it is one dedicated to songs ruined by memories. I've always been that shy, wannabe artistic freak who finds solace in music and manages to have every song lyric somehow relate to her current situation. Which is why I'm awesome. And is also why you should enjoy that site on my behalf. Read it, love it, submit to it.