Friday, November 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes, Old Navy Black Friday Edition - 11/27/09

1. We didn't get up super early, but we did hit up Old Navy because they were having a sale on their jeans. Specifically, my new favorite pair of jeans (in my pre-pregnancy size. WOO! FREAKIN'! HOO!). I know the Sweetheart cut is a little mom-ish, but well, I AM a mom and these jeans are the most complimentary to my new shape (AKA: my lopsided, c-sectioned belly).

2. We also fell for Old Navy's advertising and got jeans for the whole family. Alex and Jack both got new pairs because that's pretty much all we wear here at the Sand Palace. And Jack's are fleece lined which is great because it is COLD here now. I felt bad for the little guy's legs today.

3. I also picked up this sweater because I thought it was cute. Also, I haven't bought a non-maternity sweater since 2007 sometime. Guess whose wearing that tomorrow on our road trip to Bowling Green!

4. Alex thinks these slipper boots are hideous. And well, maybe they are. BUT! They are fantastically comfortable. And so, so, so warm. I am wearing them right now and my feet are thanking me. And well, I can't help it. I think they're cute too.

5. I kept noticing ladies with gigantic bags from The Children's Place, so I had to go see if they were having a great sale. And they were! Their clothes were actually reasonably priced! It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. We got Jack a sweater, a polo, and a brown and white striped polo that I can't find a link to, but it's super cute as well. Trust me.

6. Most exciting of all, I got this wool blend jacket that I have been obsessed with since I last went outerwear shopping at Old Navy at the beginning of November. AND it was only 27 dollars, not the 34 listed on the website. AND they had it in my size, which they did not have in stock on the website. AND I got it in the Chinchilla color that is no longer available online. I am THRILLED to death with it because it has 3/4 length sleeves which should serve me well in south Texas and it is SUPER CUTE. It's a little "fashion forward," according to Alex, whose reaction when I asked him if he liked it was less than desirable. BUT I think it is awesome. Also flattering. And I cannot wait to wear it, like, EVERYDAY.

7. So, yeah, we did ZERO Christmas shopping. Most of it was for me and the baby. But the baby always needs new clothes, right? And I couldn't resist some new deals on clothes that fit me. I should enjoy getting clothes now that I'm smaller, right? That's how I'm justifying it, so please don't tell me otherwise.

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