Saturday, November 28, 2009


We haven't been home much today. We headed up to Bowling Green to eat some chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks at Pollyeyes because Alex is kinda obsessed with them. We met some of his friends from college and they oohed and aahed over Jack. Alex showed us around campus and we all bought some BGSU gear to take down to Texas with us. It was a nice day even though Alex elbowed me in the eye at one point. We are not coordinated here at the Sand Palace.

We came home and fed Jack and Alex put him to bed. Then I headed out to Target to take advantage of a great deal they had on this sweet little puppy. And then I bought another toy. And another one. And then I got him a Christmas outfit. And some leather slippers with TRAINS on them. (OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!) And I seriously cannot be left alone in a store when it comes to baby items.

And then LSU won! In overtime! Geaux Tigers.

So all in all? A good Saturday.

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