Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh, Alright, FINE

I'm doing it again. NaBloPoMo, I am here.

I wound up dressing up last an Ohio State fan. And Alex was an LSU fan. Inspiration hit me Saturday afternoon amidst all the football watching. It was cheap, easy, and cute. (Well, cute to me. I realize most people wouldn't get it if they didn't know us personally, but whatevs. We went to a party where we knew everyone, so they all got it.)

We had to buy nothing for Alex to look like an LSU fan. I already owned the cap and pajama pants (Which are WAY too big. They were my dad's and he gave them to me for some reason. And dude, they were a LIFESAVER when I was pregnant.). And Alex owned the LSU t-shirt that my parents sent him when they beat Ohio State in the national championship game in 2007.

Not pleased with providing photographic evidence of him wearing LSU gear.

I had to buy a few items. I already owned the jersey, but we had to make a quick stop at Meijer to pick up the face tattoos and baseball cap. Eleven bucks later, I looked like a hard core Ohio State fan.

Obligatory self-portrait.

We had a great time at the party and it was so, so, so nice to be social again. Having a child REALLY messes with your social life, particularly your night-time social life. So I didn't feel super guilty that we kept the kid out WAAAAY past his bedtime. I just miss adult interaction like nothing else and I couldn't bear to leave any earlier than we did because THERE WERE PEOPLE TO TALK TO, OMG. I really like our friends and I have missed them terribly during my past year of sickness/depression/newborn-raising. Sure, I've seen them some, but not nearly as often as I would have liked. And when I did get to see them, it was tough because well, it's difficult to interact socially when you think you're going to either 1) puke on the person you're talking to, 2) feel like shooting yourself or 3) might pass out from exhaustion. So now that I feel like Cora, a real live person, it was EXCELLENT to get to go to a real live party with real live people. I'm definitely chalking this one up as one of the best Halloweens ever.

Not as pleased about his costume as his parents.

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Christy said...

CUTE costumes all around!! :)