Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes - I Miss the Caribbean Edition

1. I went on a 4 day cruise to Cozumel last week with some of my very best friends/most awesome people in the world. I wish I was still on this ship right now.

2. Alex and I went to Cozumel last year on our anniversary cruise, so I actually knew what to expect this time. We decided to just go to a free beach for a few hours in the afternoon and it was beautiful. I never ever wanted to leave.

3. We did some shopping in Cozumel as well. We docked at a different pier from last time, so I got to see some different shops and some pretty tourist-y areas that we missed last time.

4. Also, we ate A LOT. I don't have many food pictures to share, probably because I was too excited to start DEVOURING the food the second it was placed in front of me. But it was all so good and it was so nice not to have worry about the dishes or cleaning up afterwards. I also probably gained 5 pounds, but let's not talk about that, shall we?

5. Before said trip, I purchased the most amazing travel mug of all time. It's a Contigo Stainless Steel mug. I purchased it at Costco, which is why I'm linking to those particular tops, but it is AMAZING. It keeps my beverages hot long beyond the promised 4 hours. And it DOES NOT LEAK. I accidentally knocked it over the other day and nothing spilled out. I highly, highly, highly recommend them.

6. In all the cruise hub bub, I forgot about getting Jack's costume in time for the Parents' Day Out celebration on Wednesday. So I spent several hours Tuesday night going from big-box-store to big-box-store, trying to find a costume. I eventually found the perfect costume at the 2nd Target I went to, a half an hour before they closed. Way to go loser Mom! (Also, I haven't bought any candy yet either. Nor have I taken my child to a pumpkin patch. I suck!)

7. Jack looked really cute in his costume.