Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Seven Months

Jack turned seven months old today. Which means he has officially been alive for over half a year. I can't hardly believe it. He is now closer to being a year old than being a newborn. He will be considered a toddler in just five short months. How can this be? Where is my baby boy going?

He certainly isn't interested in merely SITTING by the Easter basket anymore. That's for sure.

I had to stand on the side and physically hold the basket up or he would have pulled it on to him again. He was less than pleased with this development. He likes to show his displeasure by showing his belly. I believe that's a practice everyone should take up. "This is a terrible idea! I show you mah bel-lah!"

Jack has discovered that he enjoys playing with this soft, giant baseball. It's a Reds baseball, which is funny considering neither one of his parents are Reds fans. But that's what happens when Mommy and Daddy are lazy and don't buy the baby their own sports team paraphernalia, other people will do it for them. And so, for now, he will look like a Reds fan. It will certainly make his great-grandpa happy.

Jack is becoming more and more affectionate lately. He wants to be held much more often now. AND he is giving lots more hugs. Today was also filled with several kisses. Now, they could have just been desperate attempts to get his sore gums onto any cool surface, but I'm taking a full, slobbery mouth on my cheek as a kiss.

This past month has flown by. It's been pretty stressful for me as I've tried to make the difficult decision of whether or not to go back to work. And with that decision, I have come to enjoy my time with this sweet little boy even more. I've been trying to be more attentive, more responsive, and more loving. We sing more songs and read more books. We peek-a-boo until we can't laugh anymore. We go on walks when it's warm and cuddle under the covers when it's cold. And even though he can be a big Fussy McFusspants sometimes, I just can't get enough of him. He's adorable. He's so sweet. He's my precious baby boy. I love spending time with him, even when he turns over while I'm trying to change his diaper and I'm desperately afraid he's going to pee all over everything. I just can't stay mad at him for wanting to look around and see things. He's got a lot to see and discover. And I hope I can help him do that every step of the way.

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