Thursday, November 19, 2009


So I think I have my first official Athletic Injury. I had to come home and ice my leg. Which is most definitely a first. My leg was hurting before I started my workout (running on the treadmill at the gym) and then it felt better and then I thought, 'OW.' While I was stretching, I felt, uh, A LOT of pain. I consulted Dr. Google and I am pretty sure that I have got some SERIOUS shin splints going on. Like...SERIOUS. The top of my foot hurts as well, so it's really awesome when I try to walk.

All of that is to say I'm not shredding tonight. I don't think it's a good idea to aggravate my leg and foot any more. Which totally sucks, because today would be Day 24, which means I am SO CLOSE to finishing. I feel like I'm quitting and I'm shocked at how guilty I feel about this. I still plan to do the shred for 7 more days once I feel better, so I'm not ACTUALLY quitting, but still. GAH.

But! On the bright side, this TOTALLY justifies me going out to get some bangin' running shoes. Silver lining, right?

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