Monday, November 16, 2009

Mmmmm, Burger

I had planned something else ENTIRELY to post tonight, but I had to share this instead.

Alex and I decided to try Five Guys Burgers tonight. And dude. Duuuuude. They. Are. Awesome. Like....SO AWESOME. I want to eat them everyday. I realize I may be the last person on the planet to eat there, but I really, really, REALLY enjoyed that burger. It was possibly the most pleasing burger experience of my ENTIRE LIFE. (Uh, I guess I should mention that I haven't had a burger in months.) Although next time, I will get the little burger. I didn't realize that a regular burger comes with two patties. Not that that stopped me from eating it all, but you know, I'll order differently NEXT time. And! The fries were also delicious. And! They have the ketchup pumps and I love ketchup pumps.

Well, I promised yesterday that I'd report on Level 3. And...ha! HA! HAAAAAAAAAA! I actually don't feel like I got that great of a workout because I had to take more than one break. And my knees and elbows cannot handle these hardwood floors, so I need to get the baby's play mat back out for tomorrow's session. (I have a yoga mat, but I like the extra room and padding the play mat provides IN ADDITION to the yoga mat, because I am a big fat weenie.) And yeah. Wretched plyometrics. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE plyometrics. Who came up with that crap and can I please, please, please kick them in the shins? I hate jumping. I hate it. I cannot jump. I am just now conquering running and now everybody wants me to JUMP. Jumping makes me want to die, so I'd prefer to NOT JUMP, JILLIAN.

Not that that stopped me from totally checking out her latest book from the library today. I stumbled upon this book last night on Amazon while I was searching for new workout DVD's to curse at buy and I had to at least get a good look at it since I was just wondering how to boost my metabolism, like, an hour before hand. I'm convinced that is what is keeping me at the same weight, NO MATTER WHAT. So imagine my joy when I found the one lone copy available at my library this afternoon. I'm excited to see if her eating plan will help.

Although I am pretty sure Five Guy's Burgers and Fries are TOTALLY not recommended in her eating plan. Sorry, Jill!

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philly said...

I look forward to a book review... I picked it up at Target the other day but put it quickly back down!