Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AI and T.I./JT

Please tell me that I am not the only person who hates Norman Gentle. PLEASE TELL ME. I CANNOT stand him. He is not funny. He is not original. He cannot sing. He just sucks. He gets out there and hams it up and it makes me want to poke my eyes out. I muted him, but Alex wanted to hear the train wreck and I left it on and I was not pleased. He's so stupid. I cannot believe the judges fawn over him like they do. :sigh:

Also, I agreed with Simon on every single singer tonight. I don't know if that's good or bad. Randy Jackson is also making me VERY irritable.

And why are the producers so flagrantly pimping people this year? I did not realize how obvious it was when they liked someone before. But last week's "DANNY GOKEY IS THE SAVIOR" show was pretty ridiculous. And then this week, they went nuts for Adam "I do musical theater" Lambert. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy musical theater quite a bit. But I do not enjoy the Rolling Stones as reinterpreted for Rent. I actually said out loud (to no one since Alex had left the room) that this guy would make a GREAT Tiger Tunes host. Am I right, OBUer's?

Anyway, I think it'll be Allison, Megan, and Adam making it to the top 12. I'd like to see Kris Allen go through because he's super cute and from Conway, but I am not holding out much hope for that. I think my boy Anoop has a better shot of getting a wild card spot than he does.

I really wish they hadn't changed the format this year. I would really like to hear from Jesse Langseth and the oil rigger dude at least once more. But I doubt either one of them will go through or get a wild card spot. Which is a shame.

In other news, I cannot stop listening to that new T.I. song. Which is weird because I am not really a T.I. fan. But I love the hook, and not just because it's Justin Timberlake singing it. And I like it even better now that I know he is saying "the old me is dead and gone." Not "the homey's dead and gone" like I originally thought. Apparently, I can't hear.

Oh! And one more thought that is random. Why do people think it's okay to ask you how much weight you've gained during pregnancy? Just because I am pregnant does not change the fact that I am a human being dealing with my own body. It is NONE of your business how much weight I have gained. If I wanted to talk about, I'd share it. Otherwise, let's talk about something else, shall we? Also? Predicting that I'm going to have a huge baby does not make me feel good either. Also? Also? STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW I AM HUGE AND GETTING BIGGER EVERY SINGLE DAY. Dude, I cannot wait to become unpregnant.

Monday, February 23, 2009

And All Is Well...

So! Alex and I made an impromptu trip to the doctor today because I was feeling terrible and hadn't felt the baby move hardly at all today. I was pretty concerned with the fact that he seemed to be immobile on top of the fact that I was having contractions and feeling quite vomitous. I left my internship early and things just kept getting worse. I finally got in touch with a nurse in my doctor's office and she told me to come to do a NST (Non-Stress Test) to check the baby's heartbeat and movement.

Turns out, everything is fine. I drank some juice and he perked up a bit. His heart rate was fine. His movements were fine. They decided to go ahead and do an internal exam because I was feeling a lot of pressure on my pelvis and cramping.

And ok, no one told me that getting your cervix checked would hurt like a-bad-word-I-won't-mention-here. HO.LY. COW. I vaguely remember Leah talking about pain at getting checked, but I thought it was just one person who hurt her, because this one particular lady didn't have "the touch." But now I'm questioning this. Maybe it was everyone who checked her out. Either way, my doctor? DOES NOT HAVE THE TOUCH. It hurt quite a bit to get checked and did not ease my worry about labor and delivery. Granted, I was not mentally prepared for the whole deal. All of sudden, she was there doing things and I was like, "What?" and then, "Ow!" and then I died. But HURT. I thought getting checked out would be like getting a pap smear or something. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Gee golly whiz, I sure am looking forward to next week's appointment!

Oh, and I am 1 cm dilated. Woo! Only 9 more centimeters and hours of mind numbingly horrible pain to go!

And uh, hopefully another month to go as well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Four years and two days ago, I started the Sand Palace. I came over here to blog in "anonymity" after the debacle that was my first blog. (Quick back story: I was angry and bitter and the internet seemed like SUCH a nice place to vent. People responded! And they were nice! Except that I sort of forgot how many people read that damn thing and then it all went to hell. I got e-mails and anonymous comments (OF COURSE THEY WERE ANONYMOUS) from people saying they were praying for me because of that blog and they weren't those positive, "Let me lift you up, my sister" kind of messages. More of the, "You're such a screw up, only God can help you now" kind. Which, why did no one ever say, "Child, you need a therapist but quick?" I look back and it is so obvious how insanely depressed I was back then and how it escaped the notice of so very many people watching me, I do not know. (I am going to stop typing about this now because this is no longer a quick back story, but a deep dive into the analysis of my past.) Anyways, I posted some, ahem, colorful entries in which I was not very kind to others and people got upset and then I got upset and then people I didn't want to know those things knew things and I gave up and just shut the whole production down before any more damage could be done.)

I kept that first infamous blog for about a year or so, which means I've been blogging for a good five years now (possibly six, because I really think I started blogging in 2003). That makes me feel very, very old. I went back to check the date of my first post on this here URL and I had an INSANELY strong urge to begin deleting posts, but I chose not to. Pretty much all of my old entries make me cringe. (Although I do need to go back and erase some real names I used back in the day.) (Why? Why did I do that? Was I considerably more stupid back in 2005? PROBABLY.) But I left them there because I wrote them. That was me, then. Not a pretty picture, that's for sure. I was bouncing around aimlessly and trying so desperately to connect with people that my attempts at expressing things on the internet are just plain old embarrassing. BUT it is who I was and helped shape who I am today. Not that I am the picture of stability and happiness and growth at the ripe old age of 28, but I've come a very long way from the lonely, pathetic 24-year-old who thought she knew it all even though she was still scrambling to figure things out after the rug has been ripped out from under her a FULL YEAR BEFORE. That girl was dumb. This girl is slightly less dumb. And that feels good to realize.

Oh yeah, and our crib came in today. Alex just drug it into the house. (We both went the first time pick it up and OOPS, it didn't fit in the Vue. So we had to go drive back home to pick up the truck, at which point I said, "When we get home, I'm taking my pants off. Sorry." So now I'm morally supporting him with my feet propped up while he wrangles it up the stairs.) I'm so glad to finally have it in our posession.

And just as an FYI, I originally logged on here to talk about American Idol. But then I remembered it was February and I ALWAYS miss my bloggiversary, so I chose this semi-heartfelt post instead. In case you're curious, my AI post was going to mainly consist of: I hate Danny Gokey and Anoop was robbed, but that Alexis Grace girl has caught my eye. Only there were going to be more words than that.

So yeah, American Idol and musings on my psyche. That sounds about right for a good blog post. Happy Birthday, Sand Palace. Here's to four more neurotic years.

Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day and Quilts, y'all

So I am a dummy and hadn't updated the link to the Griffiths/Griswolds and just went to fix this issue. Except that I think I deleted one of my links in the process. And I have NO IDEA which one. So if you notice that I am not linking to a blog that I used to link to, please let me know.

Valentine's Day was a success in these parts. I'm going to take a moment about brag about my husband. He got up early Saturday morning, went to the grocery store, and then made some amazing french toast, surprising me with it in bed. I think french toast is an excellent way to wake up any day. When I eventually hauled my ginormous self downstairs, I found a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies, a card, and a box of chocolates. It was a lovely way to start the day and we spent most of it lounging around doing nothing and it was glorious. We ditched our original dinner and a movie plans and headed to the UD game when my brother-in-law offered us his tickets. And the look of joy on Alex's face when he realized that he was going to get to wear a sweatshirt and tennis shoes on Valentine's night was pretty great. I didn't realize how excited he would be about dressing down, but I was like, it's a basketball game. Why would we dress up?

And that's pretty much it. The quilt for the nursery is scheduled to be delivered today and I am DYING to see it. My mom claims this has been the most difficult sewing project EVER and has reportedly cried, cursed, and prayed her way through the entire thing. (Note: my mom believes "dadgummit" is a curse word. She might have also called the quilt "stupid." Scandal!) So I am beyond excited to see the result of her blood, sweat, and tears. She is starting the bumper pads today. I hope those will be easier than the quilt.

Maybe I'll take pictures of my hair today. Maybe. Chances are high I might do it since I will get the camera out for quilt pictures. But don't hold your breath. I am still appalled at the fatness of the face.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Worry, That Nesting Thing was a FLUKE

Ready for a disjointed post? Me too!

Yeah, washing the baseboards. Hasn't happened since. But that nursery is CLEAN, man. Well, it was until Alex put together our changer/dresser combo and all of the styrofoam packaging went everywhere. We'll clean that up when our crib comes in. WHENEVER IT COMES IN, DO YOU HEAR ME BABIES R US? I was NOT pleased this weekend when we went to go purchase said crib and lo and behold, they were OUT OF STOCK. Maybe, just maybe, you should tell people it's out of stock, (like a sign? on the price tag? somewhere!?) so they could go ahead and order it early instead of waiting for very important people to be in town to buy the crib. And the only reason we have the changer/dresser is because they couldn't order it and there was only one left in the state of Ohio and we had to drive to Cincinnati to get it. Yeah. GREAT.

Anyway, the nesting has cut back. I thought I was in full-on nest mode, but apparently not. My apathy is pretty much insurmountable! Hooray! I am the least domesticated mother-to-be ever!

I've been getting sick a lot lately. I missed out on Friday night good times and desperately needed Monday morning internship hours because of all sort of ailments. The third trimester really is the return of the first trimester, only with more reflux and grunting. Awesome.

I got my hair done. Of course I haven't taken a picture of it. But it is MUCH shorter and MUCH blonder. I've gotten several compliments on it, so I guess it was a step in the right direction. Even though Alex dislikes me as a blond. Weirdo.

I have also officially reached the "you're so pregnant, I can talk to you about it, even though we are complete and total strangers!" phase of pregnancy. I got multiple comments while out and about this weekend. Most of these were negative as well. Well, not necessarily meant as negative, but being told that I'm huge and am going to pop and that I look miserable (FROM STRANGERS) really isn't uplifting. The best comment was at IKEA, where a girl stopped me to tell me that I was "so cute!" It was the nicest comment so far, so thanks IKEA girl! Please continue to tell me I am cute while I waddle around instead of calling me huge. I DO NOT LIKE THAT.

Geez, there was something else but now I've forgotten. This is unsurprising because I forget EVERYTHING now. Everything! I went to my supervisor's office twice today to ask him questions and both times, I forgot what I was there for. I had to turn around and go back to my desk and sit quietly before I could remember what was so important that I chose to stand up for in the first place. I am blaming this on pregnancy brain, not on getting old.

Alex and I have survived three of our four hospital-offered classes. I'm very proud of both of us. Even though I could not SHUT UP during the breastfeeding vidoes last night, because my lands, those were some scary, scary women parts.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So Much To Say...

Oy. So much to talk about. So tired. Things are pretty hectic around here with school and baby stuff and internship, etc.

So there is more to tell, but I wanted to share this last night and got distracted and didn't get a chance. (Because we were too busy washing walls and baseboards. FUN TIMES.) Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday and I gained only TWO POUNDS in the last month. TWO POUNDS. ONE MONTH. THIRD TRIMESTER. Y'all, I win at pregnancy!

More later. For reals.