Sunday, November 29, 2009

On Decorating

I'm not much of a decorator. I really have no sense of style. And I mean, I KNOW it. I'm not fooling myself into thinking I'm a minimalist or anything. I own the fact that I am a decorating FAIL. I gifted myself a year long subscription ($5!) to Southern Living in the hopes that it might inspire me to make our (eventual) new home more...homey.

All of that is to say that I really don't enjoy decorating for Christmas. I mean, I DO it because I have to...but I'd rather not. And you know what I hate the most? Like, hate hate HATE HATE the most? Pulling apart the fake tree branches. OH MY GOSH. I CANNOT STAND IT. I managed to find MULTIPLE things to do today instead of pulling apart the tree. Such as:
- I pulled out all of my Christmas stuffed animals to entertain Jack.
- I started throwing away crap in our basement.
- I organized all of our Christmas music.
- I tried to teach Jack how to crawl.
- I sifted through our thousands of pictures of Jack (I'm not exaggerating on that number) to find 100 to print.
- I'm blogging.

Basically, I've found ANYTHING to do but pull apart the tree branches. Because it is the WORST JOB EVER. Every time I think I've pulled them all apart and made the tree look all full and fluffy....THERE ARE MORE BRANCHES STUCK TOGETHER. I have the bottom part of the tree somewhat ready, but the top part...well...the top looks like crap. It kind of looks like someone took a bite out of the top of the tree. And I'm just not motivated. The only reason we are even putting a tree up this year is because it is Jack's first Christmas. Otherwise? That tree would be happily packed away in its box. I've hung up a few ornaments to try and get myself excited about decorating the tree, but it ain't happening.

Alex should be home soon from basketball. Maybe he'll pull apart some branches for me. Although I am pretty sure he ALSO hates doing it and that is why he put off getting the tree out of the basement until today instead of doing it Friday when I first asked him to do it. See? We're both so full of Christmas cheer! Jack is so lucky to have such committed parents! At least he'll benefit from my obsessive compulsive spending at Target and wind up with WAY MORE toys for Christmas than we had planned on getting him. So it all evens out, right? Right???

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