Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playing Catch Up

- This week has been a gym FAIL. I'm going to do my best to AT LEAST make it to yoga tomorrow night. We'll see. Sometimes life gets in the way, eh?

- We finally, finally, FINALLY watched (500) Days of Summer even though we've had the DVD for weeks now from Netflix. And gosh darnit, if I didn't absolutely love it. It was funny and sweet and sad and so darn real. I highly recommend it. And if you're also a Friday Night Lights fan? Then it ends on SUCH a happy note.

- I have been threatening to make smoothies at home for weeks now and finally dug the blender out from its corner in our teensy kitchen. It was pretty delicious and I started making grand plans of making the baby his own smoothies! And Alex and I could have smoothies all the time! And let's Google smoothie recipes! And then what did I do? Spilled it all over the carpet and everything else in the nearby vicinity. So hooray for getting a carpet cleaner because you live in an apartment with light carpet and you spilled a dark purple smoothie everywhere!

- (The stain is looking at me right now. And it is LAUGHING.)

- I have been off of Facebook for what? Two weeks now? And it is STILL my third most visited site. Sheesh. I really DID have a problem.

- I am madly in love with Lady GaGa's "Telephone." Not so much the video. I am the first to admit that I don't "get" her. In fact, she kind of grosses me out sometimes. (Okay, a lot of times. It's just too much. Put some pants on! And leave your hair alone! And flip flops are AWESOME. Wear them, lady!) But the song? Oh, the song. It's just pure pop goodness. And it's all about shaking your booty on the dance floor and that is a sentiment I can fully support at all times. And it has Beyonce and she is fierce, (but NOT Sasha Fierce, yo). I downloaded it a few weekends ago on the way to Dallas and when I got home, I synced my iPhone and the song had 27 plays in the last 48-ish hours. That is commitment, y'all.

- **I had a really large paragraph written here and then I just deleted it. Am paranoid and sensitive about writing about parenting-related things.**

- Parenting! It makes you want to drink. Oy VEY.

- In other news, there is a dentist office that we often pass on our way home that has the world's worst dentist sign. It reads (and I quote)

Dentistry is not expensive.
Negligence is...

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Do they really think they're going to draw people in by calling them negligent idiots? Who thought that was a good idea? I'm not a marketing expert, but I'm their target audience and I am calling that a marketing FAIL. And why end it with an ellipses? That is POOR GRAMMAR. So not only are they jerkfaces, but they also suck at grammar! I think I'll take my neglected mouth (and money) to the dentist across the street who has a surfboard on his sign. That is WAY more appealing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Milestone Tuesday

As I type this, Jack is playing in his high chair with a bunch of puffs. Even if he's starving, he can't seem to help himself from spreading them around the tray over and over again.

So we've had a big day in the baby is becoming a toddler saga.

**I just had to take a break and give him some yogurt melts.**

1. He made his first sign. I was feeding him a banana and kept making the "more" sign in the hopes that he might get it. And then he did. "More!" "More!" said his adorable little hands. It's the first time he's ever signed anything despite the fact that I've been signing "milk" and "all done" to him since he was 6 months old. But he learned "more" today, a sign I have only haphazardly been showing him.

2. He took several steps on his own today. I was in the kitchen making him a bottle and watching him in the living room. I showed him the bottle and he let go of the ottoman and walked over to the chair. Granted, they were really close and it was maybe all of 3 steps, but still. He has since repeated this phenomenon multiple times. Always three steps. He stands for a little while, then step, step, step, and then down on the ground or reaching for something to hold on to.

He's becoming such a big boy. And he keeps growing up even though I often tell him to JUST STOP GROWING AND STAY A BABY FOREVER AND EVER.

**While typing all that, I also had to get him his sippy cup. Which he has conquered! Finally! Although he just tosses it on the floor when he's done with it and that**

**And I better hit publish now because the bottomless pit needs! more! food! Forgive me for grammar errors and misspellings, Internet!**

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Facebook Out

So I deactivated my Facebook account.

I'm not exactly sure why, either. I think it had something to do with the fact that a few people I know have recently done this and my immediate thought was, "Oh, I could never do that." And then I was like, "Really? Seriously? You can't live without Facebook? Lame, Magee. Lame!"

So Monday, I decided to pull the plug on a blog that I have been reading for years now. (And that is something I never, ever do. But I was tired of this person and ready to take a break.) And I thought, "Why not ignore Facebook for a while too?" And I came so close to not deactivating it and again, I was like, "Really? It's FACEBOOK. Not oxygen."

I was pretty addicted to it, you see. It was, BY FAR, my most visited website and basically served as the gateway drug to internet time sucking. And we're having (lots!) of visitors next month and our apartment is just sad. Things still in complete disarray and just cluttered and crappy. And I was growing weary of it and getting a little panicky that I couldn't get it together in time for the onslaught of parents for Jack's first birthday in three weeks. (OH.MY.GOD. THREE WEEKS UNTIL MY BABY IS A YEAR OLD.) So I decided to pull the plug and see what happened. I was expecting to feel all liberated and free and uh, other synonyms for that.

But, um, no. I miss it. I don't feel free or anything. But I am TOTALLY more productive. Like, a hundred million times more productive. It's AMAZING. Our closet is clean and organized. Our paperwork is organized. My planner is full. Laundry is done (albeit not folded). I like the productivity.

But I still miss Facebook.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - I'm Really Back Edition

1. We're not going out of town this weekend, so I have time to blog. It's kind of a strange experience, this blogging thing. I've missed you!

2. Jack has learned how to stand up WITHOUT pulling up. He falls down before he can take a step, but it's still bizarre to look over and see him standing. Like a PERSON or something. Alex claims he has seen him take a few unassisted steps, but much like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, it is unconfirmed. Therefore, those steps do not count and we do not have a walker on our hands.

3. It's already hot here. I'm very concerned that my seven years of Ohio living have left me a hot weather wussy. It's only getting up to around 80 and I'm panicking about finding shorts and tank tops. What am I going to do when it gets to be around 100? MELT, probably. (Happily melt, I might add. I don't want that sound like I'm complaining. Because I'm not.)

4. We took Jack to the pool for the first time this week. He was VERY unsure at the beginning. He held onto my shoulder for dear life when I tried to set him down the first time. He warmed up to it eventually and I think the trip was an overall success. We may just have another water loving red head on our hands.

5. I started the great closet switch out yesterday. There does not seem to be a need for sweaters any time soon, so I figured I might as well start getting out our summer-y clothes. For two people who wear the same 3 shirts over and over again, Alex and I sure do own a lot of clothes.

6. I don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like I am going to get some free, private swim lessons this summer. We have some "bucks" at our gym that you can redeem for various services. And one of them is swimming lessons. I was originally going to use them on some personal training, but I think the swim lessons would be more valuable. I am terrified just THINKING about it.

7. No seriously, I am feeling extremely panicky now. Deep water that people will expect me to float in? I can't hold on to something? Anything? I kind of want to puke just thinking about it. I feel like I owe it to Jack to learn how to swim, but gah. Why didn't my parents give me swim lessons when I was a kid? WHY???????

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

11 Months

So a certain little person turned 11 months old last week. I have pictures, uh, somewhere? I'm a TERRIBLE mommy blogger, I know.

This past month was full of breakthroughs for Jack. It's funny. It kind of feels like he hit a bunch of milestones the first three months of his life and then he just hung out until 9 months. And then BAM! Lots of stuff.

This past month, Jack decided that eating on his own was AWESOME. I had been working on finger foods with him since he was 8 months old and he was NOT. INTERESTED. Puffs? Gross! Yogurt melts? Disgusting! And don't even THINK about offering me gross table foods like mashed potatoes. YUCK. I was kind of flabbergasted that our child would not like eating. Because, let's face it, Alex and I like to eat. A lot. (And it shows!) And then one day last month, Jack looked at the yogurt melts that I offered him and decided, hey! I can pick that up! And put it in my mouth! NOM NOM NOM. I didn't do anything differently, he just GOT it. And now? He is unstoppable. He will try anything and everything. He will gladly pick anything up to eat it, even if it isn't edible. And when I try to put something like cheese or a piece of toast in his mouth, he often puts his hand out so he can grab it and put it in his mouth. I have no idea what changed. Just one day, that little brain of his was like, dude, EATING IS SO COOL.

Jack also got two teeth this month. TWO! They are both on the bottom and it is so adorable. Teething wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still no fun. He got quite the runny nose during it and that was worse than any complaining he ever did. Those two little chompers are hanging out, mashing up food, and making me die from the cuteness daily now. I will have to try and get a picture of them to show you. Because who knew baby teeth could be so cute?

We also learned this month that Jack is VERY vocal. After hanging out with other babies a few weeks ago, Alex and I realized what a talker he is. We are fairly isolated from other babies, so we had NO IDEA that his constant jabbering wasn't the norm. Not that I'm surprised by the talk-talk-talking. Alex is not known for being, uh, silent.

Jack and I are adjusting to San Antonio really well. He still HATES to be left alone, so I am still chickening out of going to the gym during the day. But he and I enjoy running errands everyday. We read lots of books and sing lots of songs. He still likes playing with his train and table and blender. He is getting really good at putting objects in baskets and boxes and buckets. And he can take them out too. My favorite is when he puts something nonsensical in his toys. Like the remote in his blocks bucket or the bulb syringe (AKA the snot sucker) in his blender. He has really gotten into throwing thing lately and I am pretty sure we have Alex to thank for that. (Alex: "We're playing catch! With his...paci.") Yeah, thanks for that one, honey.

I feel like Jack hasn't grown as much physically this past month. He is so mobile now and I think he's burning lots and lots of calories despite his constant eating. So he can still wear some 9 month clothes, even though they are getting to be a little too high water for my tastes. 12 month clothes are a little big, but the shirts look better on him and I just roll up his jeans. He's still in size 4 diapers and we switched to using Huggies' overnights because wow, that kid is well hydrated.

He only takes about 3 bottles a day now and next month we are off formula. I can't hardly believe it. I mean, I will be THRILLED to stop paying for Similac because it is the equivalent of liquid gold. But really? Only four more weeks of formula? And then my baby is a baby no longer? How'd that happen? Where'd he go?

I know I say this every month, but it's still true.

I love him.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yikes. It's March? Already? How did that happen?

Alex turned 30 this weekend, so we headed up to Dallas to hang out with someone other than ourselves. We got to hang out with Mel and Beckett, the Crows, and the Griswolds. We had a great time catching up and holding lots of different babies. Alex got to sleep in, which is the GREATEST PRESENT EVER to a new parent. We ate pizza and carrot cake and eclair cake and some kind of magic bars. The Griswolds are the most fantastic hosts in the world and if you ever get a chance to stay at their house, you should. You feel so welcome and loved and FULL. So very, very full. There was also bacon involved. BACON!

We also went to Ikea. So, you know, it was the perfect weekend.

Here are a few pictures from our little Babypalooza.

Jack spent most of the weekend like this:
I am overstimulated! And freaking out! I will not sleep! AT ALL!

What? Did someone say BACON? Ooooh! Shiny!

Reagan was all, "Whatever boys."

I like this one because it looks like Reagan just told a joke and Jack is CRACKING UP. Even then, Reagan is keeping it cool and my child is all I'M REALLY, REALLY STIMULATED RIGHT NOW. HANGING OUT WITH BABIES IS LIKE DRINKING A RED BULL!!!!1!!!1

Beckett is mastering crawling. And also thinking about attacking the camera.

He made it to the camera! I love this picture of him. I don't know what it is, but I guess it just captures how unassuming and in your face babies are. Also? So adorable!

A rare moment of calm.

They're friends!

The boys got along really well all weekend. Jack kept trying to touch Beckett at Ikea and I was like...HE LIKES HIM! HE LIKES HIM! MY BABY IS SOCIAL! And Alex was all, "Uh, I think he's trying to take Beckett's paci." So, whatever, maybe they didn't become FRIENDS, per se, but they definitely played well together and this could be the BEGINNING of a beautiful friendship.

It was kind of surreal to have our babies playing together this weekend. I met these girls (women? Women sounds so...mature? Old? Not us?) over 10 years ago and here we are all old and thirty and married and bringing our babies over to hang out. I never would have imagined this is how it would turn out when I first started Ouachita. Back when a naiive, 18-year-old me roomed with her friend junior high and met the girl with the long hair at the first WOW group. But here we are, watching our kids playing together.

And it's better than I could have ever imagined.