Friday, November 06, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 11/6/09

1. I typed the first few of these while wearing a Snuggie. You know you’re jealous. My Maw Maw gave me two for Christmas last year, so no, I did not spend actual money on them. And I can’t make fun of them because my only living grandparent gave them to me. Therefore, YOU cannot make fun of me wearing them either. Anyway, I know you’re curious about it. It’s a nice shade of blue, not a scary leopard print one or anything like that. It is also warm. And well, pretty darn snuggly, so I can’t complain or anything. Alex hates it when I wear it because I look too monk-ish. I guess he doesn’t like the thought of being married to a monk? I don’t know why not. Monks are straight up SEXY.

2. So here’s the thing. Jack cries every time someone laughs loudly. Not just a loud crowd. ANYBODY. Including Alex. Including me. The other day, I was talking to Alex on the phone and I laughed NOT VERY LOUDLY and the tears were flowing before I even realized what happened. It is the most bizarre thing in the entire world. At the Halloween party, everyone laughed out loud at the same time and Jack went NUTS. It took forever to calm him down. This totally sucks because I like to laugh loudly. As does Alex. And we can’t for fear of freaking our son out.

3. I have multiple mysterious bruises on my right leg. Most of them are on my calf. I cannot figure out for the life of me where they are coming from. Do jumping jacks cause bruising? Visible bruising? Is Jillian Michaels finding me in the night and literally beating me? Because I am baffled as to how I am managing to injure myself without KNOWING it. And my calf is SORE. I thought it was from all the exercise at first, but then I realized it’s from all the bruises. And I am the first to admit that I am very, very, very clumsy, but at no point have I violently walked into things without noticing it. So where are the bruises coming from?

4. I hate packing. Still. I should be packing right now. But I’m not. I’m watching 30 Rock and blogging. Which is way more fun than packing, but doesn’t have quite the same result. I’m just so not excited at the prospect of rolling clothes and stuffing a suitcase to the brim. Maybe if I ever learned not to overpack, I’d enjoy the process more. But me not overpacking is like asking Parsnip not to be annoying. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.

5. So two days ago, I said I was on Day 7 of the 30 Day Shred. This was false. I was on Day 9. Today begins Level 2. See? Spark People really is very helpful! Otherwise, I would have been doing the 30 Day Shred for way more days than I ever wanted! And I just measured myself and saw…no difference? Maybe I’m bigger? I think I am not measuring myself in the same places I did before or something. Because seriously, my clothes are getting baggy. It’s really exciting because the t-shirts that used to be too big on me are finally getting to be too big again. And I’ve gone down a belt loop.

6. So it is now Friday. And guess what? I ran a mile today! An ENTIRE mile. WITHOUT STOPPING. I realize this might not seem like much, but it is a HUGE feat for me. When my trainer told me we were going to meet to work on “my first mile” today, I assumed that we would be doing more interval training. So imagine my JOY when she told me that I was going to run two laps around the lake for a mile. And she was all, ‘DON’T STOP. I don’t care how slow you have to run, just keep going and don’t walk.’ And in my head, I was all, “FAT CHANCE, LADY.” But then I did it! Granted, it was the SLOWEST. MILE. EVER. but I still did it. It was a great feeling, even though I was pretty sure I was going to die by the end.

7. Despite the running feat, the real highlight of the session was when my trainer's son tried to eat goose poop. She let him run around while I stretched and I looked over and said, “Um, I am pretty sure that is poop he’s picking up.” I did not realize that pregnant women could run that FAST, y’all. She got to him in time before he ingested anything, so that was great. But at that point, I stopped and said a little prayer thanking God that Jack is not super mobile yet, HALLELUJAH.

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