Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gimme That Christian Side Hug

Ok, so there is no way this is for real, right?

I mean...no one is this unaware, right? It's a parody, correct? Please, someone tell me! Because if it isn't...well, I don't know what kind of world we live in.

Also is this side hug thing a big abstinence teaching tool now? Are kids these days, like, involuntarily humping while full frontal hugging? Is that why we want only side hugs now? Do we tell them this? Seriously? Save hugs for marriage, kids! True Love Waits. So Do Hugs.

I'm just so baffled!


phil said...

Apparently it is some youth pastors at a conference? Whatever it is... creepy?

phil said...

Really, really creepy... still playing in the background and that has got to go off!!

Doodie said...

The Christian Side Hug rap was a total Joke and spoof….but it should have came with some sort of disclaimer. Since the end result was basically making Christianity and look stupid.

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