Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow, am I out of shape. I just went for a jog/walk that turned into a walk/jog/walk/crawl. I started out okay, went pretty strong, and then completely lost my mojo. Oy. It was literally painful by the end. Towards the end of the torture, I tried to remember the last time I had engaged in any type of physical activity. Like, any at all. And I couldn't remember. Sloth, thy name is Cora.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Drive In or Nothing Exciting in Particular, but Hey, There's a Few Pictures!

We took the new car to the movies. Alex and I really enjoy going to the drive in during the summers, mostly because we are very cheap. There is also that fun, old fashioned feeling that you get when you drive in and find a suitable place to watch the movie. It always makes me want to wear a poodle skirt and make out. But don't worry! Neither of those happened!

We were also really excited to see how well the Vue could handle our movie watching needs. I am pleased to report that it passed with flying colors.

We didn't go to our usual theater because we really wanted to see "Get Smart." I loved that show when I was kid and was a little nervous when I heard they were making it into a movie. I purposefully waited until after the reviews came out before I decided to see it or not. I'm a little untrusting of Steve Carell after that whole "Evan Almighty" disaster.

Where was I? Ah yes, the drive in facilities. They were...interesting? I wish we had thought to take more pictures because it looks abandoned when you first encounter it. And there were actual gangs of children running around playing various sports. At one point, they moved the game over to right in front of our car. I thought about yelling at those young whipper snappers to move along and shake my cane at them, but I refrained. They moved on and my blood pressure went down and life was good.

The movie was surprisingly entertaining, though a bit predictable. I saw the "twist" coming a mile away and really, I should know by now to say these things out loud before they happen so I have evidence that I actually DID see it coming. Maybe next time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bad Rap

I brought the new car to work with me today and most of the guys in the office knew I was leaving to pick it up last night. So when I arrived, I asked the VP if he'd humor me and come outside and look at the car. He's my age and we get along pretty well, so he played along and told me it was phat and what a great car it was and boy, it sure did look nice. Which was excellent and just the kind of affirmation I was looking for. Later, his father-in-law, who is a few years younger than my father, came by and I asked him if he had noticed my new car outside. He hadn't and when I pointed it out to him, he was like, ".... Oh. That's....nice. It's...well. That is... What is that? A mini-van?" :sigh:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out with the Old

Alex and I have long discussed getting a different vehicle to replace the Sentra with. We were looking for something more family-sized. Not that we are in the family-way, mind you. But it'd be nice to have should something family-like occur. It would also be good when you have a lot of stuff to bring to the lake. Particularly when that stuff included a big, hairy dog who likes to sit in your lap and frankly, has no choice in the matter anyway, because there is a cooler in the backseat with you. Not that I'd know anything about that from personal experience or anything.

So we decided to keep our eyes open for any good deals and be prepared to let the Sentra go if the time came.

Well, my friends, the time came. In the form of 0% interest from our friendly local Saturn dealership.

Now, I have never been a fan of Saturn. In fact, I refused to even consider them for a very long time because I used to date a guy who told me only lesbians drove Saturns. (Ok, so maybe he told me that statistically, lesbians drive more Saturns than any other car, but whatever.) And since that relationship didn't work out, I thought that I should let all the single dudes all there know that I was into their kind and the only way to do that was to not drive a Saturn.

Wow, that was even more embarrassing to type that I thought it would be.

Clearly, I have gotten over this.

We wound up going with the Vue because it was bigger than the (beloved!) Sentra and had comparable fuel economy. It was also super cute. And came in a pleasing deep blue color. Also with a sun roof. And heated seats. In our price range.

This is my first new, new car and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm also thrilled that my first new, new car was purchased with my exceedingly handsome and charming husband.

Hee. It's just so cute. I love it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi, Google Maps is Stalking Me

Ok, I am back. Because Google has been in my neighborhood and taking pictures of my house. And I am so seriously amazingly creeped out by the fact that anyone could look up my address on Google Maps and low and behold there is my house! And it's not just me. Totally took pictures of family members' houses as well! Holy crap. We are being stalked!!!!! Big Brother is watching us!!!! Fight the power!!!! Trust no one!!!!

Oh yeah, hey, hi!

Gosh, y'all. I know, I KNOW. I get all whiny and dumb and then I just leave it up there for weeks at a time. And it's embarrassing.

But I am actually busy. I leaving tomorrow morning to fly back to Louisiana to hang with the fam while my dad recovers from the scary spine surgery business. Oh what? Did I not really talk about that? Oops. See? I AM busy. I missed a chance to complain!

But suffice it to say that when we showed up at the hospital Friday morning and the surgeon came in and said he was pushing it back till Tuesday, I was NOT a happy camper.

So here I am, with less money, less sleep, more stress, and a plane ticket to New Orleans. It sucks yes, but I'm pretty excited that I've got family who is important enough to turn everything upside down for. And I've got a husband who is willing to drive me to Indianapolis so I can go back down again. This will be our second week apart in a row and when I pictured our first year of marriage, I certainly never dreamed of the amount of heartache that would come. But he's been nothing but supportive, despite the ulcer searching for a decently priced plane ticket last night. So life is good and bad and hard and wonderful. Pretty much the same as always.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Paper is done. Phillison is getting married today. I have a new dress. My friends are in the same town as me. It's going to be a good day.




Until tomorrow when I have another freaking assignment to do. But we'll avoid thinking about that for today. K?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Checking In and Checking Out

So. I survived the week. Yay! BUT, now I'm now going out of town, so I still won't blog.

I know, I know, y'all are all shocked because I am so consistent in posting. But it's true. I'm flying to Dallas for the wedding of one of my very bestest friends ever in the history of the world and I am giddy. GIDDY, folks. And to add to that awesomeness, all of my close friends from college will be there. AND I get to see my best friend from high school who just announced her pregnancy. Which makes me feel old and jealous and possibly insane.

Point is? It's gonna be a good weekend. I need to relax and I have but a smattering of school work to do while I'm down there. Our bags are packed, our boarding passes are printed and we both got haircuts. It's also my first time to fly with Alex and I am pumped to take a mini-vacation with him. I can't imagine a better traveling partner.

So, be good internet. Enjoy the wonderful weekend and stay out of trouble.