Monday, November 23, 2009

Ouch (Still) and Dumbness

I went for my first run in my new shoes today. The shoes were great and the entire workout would have been a success if my tendon/ligament/muscle/SOMETHING wasn't still sore. It's around my ankle, heel, achilles, calf area and it huuuuurts. Especially when I walk. Which...we did interval training today so I had to walk VERY QUICKLY for far too long for it to feel good. My trainer is all "RUN THROUGH THE PAIN" and I'm all "I HATE YOU."

Amazon had a $3 credit available today so I, of course, took the opportunity to download Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" because I don't love that song enough to PAY for it. And then, like an idiot, I accidentally BOUGHT the song. I lamented my idiocy to Alex in several ALL CAPS instant messages. He was all "Uh, I think we can afford the $1.29?" And I was all, "THAT IS NOT THE POINT. I WANTED IT FOR FREE." And you know what Alex did next? ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT A SONG. We are morons here at the Sand Palace.

I could probably keep telling you pointless stuff but it's almost midnight and I am tired and need to post this. I have had ZERO (0!) caffeine today, so I am not as full of energy as I normally am. I miss you Diet Coke!

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