Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 21 - Doggy Dogs

One of the things that caused a bit of nervousness when I first met Alex, was how our dogs would mesh. Parsnip is an 8 pound Momma's girl who is a total priss. Murphy is a 40 pound Pound puppy who means business. Alex was confident they would be best buddies when they met. I was not. So one day, with slight trepidation, I took Parsnip over to Alex's house and let the games begin. We decided to bring Parsnip inside first and get her comfortable with her surroundings. Then we brought Murphy in and to his credit, he was really gentle and kind with her. However, Parsnip did not care. All she saw was a huge beast with big teeth and she immediately jumped into my arms and did not budge the ENTIRE time Murphy was within her vicinity. It took Parsnip weeks to get used to Murphy. I brought her over often, so she could get the hang of things, and eventually I started leaving her at Alex's house all the time. We basically forced their odd couple parenting, but it has worked out. They are now best buddies, and while this can be annoying when they are wrestling and all you want to do is SLEEP. But it's fantastic to have two happy dogs who love both their owners.

I'd post pictures, but I'm at the in-laws without picture access. Which I feel is doing the dogs an injustice, because they are both seriously cute. But what's a girl to do? Post this instead?
This is from last year. And yes, I am spooning with the dogs. And no Parsnip's eyes aren't actually glowing an evil green. She's just not a photogenic little booger.

Back to the in-laws, my brother-in-law brought his Jack Russell and Golden Retriever up here, so we have four dogs running like mad in this house. I am thankful they are full of life, yes. I would also be thankful if they would all CALM THE HECK DOWN.

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