Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 19 - Well, dangit

The thing I'd really like to write about, I can't, because it's related to things I don't want to blog about. And it's not like I DON'T want to blog about it, I just feel like it's something I can't blog about. Which is annoying. Seriously. But today was a good day! Alex and I celebrated by going out to LaRosa's, so I could force him to try their Montgomery Inn Pizza. Which is weird that I like it because it combines barbecue sauce and pizza, two things I don't overly enjoy. But when you combine them, it's like magic. Magic I can eat. Which is the best.

In other exciting news that I CAN talk about, I finally, at long last, made my hair appointment! So Wednesday at 5:30 Eastern/4:30 Central, I'll be cutting and coloring my hair. And no, I'm not doing it myself. I am paying a professional to the snipping and dying and handling of the tin foil. I'm extremely excited because I have been needing something fun and (slightly) shallow to look forward to in this (pretty much) drab time in life.

Another exciting thing? The book club my friends and I will be starting this week. Which is excellent. I wish my new book would arrive in time before Thursday, so I could have something to entertain myself with while Alex sleeps in a turkey-induced coma. Instead, I'll just have to make due with eating half a pan of Republican pie.

So good things are happening. Which is awesome, but some very bad things are happening too. And there's nothing we can do about the bad, but hold on and pray. Which we are doing, but the good things sure do help get us through.

P.S. I'm not pregnant. I just re-read this and thought it could be easily construed as a bun in the oven being the good news. Which it is not. At all. I had a glass of wine at LaRosa's too, just so you know.

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