Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 10 - iPod(s)

Here's an embarrassing revelation: Alex and I own a total of four iPods between the two of us. I brought two into our relationship - a now-ancient 4th generation 40GB and a 1st generation 4GB nano. Then, for our wedding gifts, Alex and I gave each other iPods. Which is ridiculous, I know, but we didn't plan it that way, I promise. I got him an 80GB classic and he gave me an 8GB touch. So we now have a total 132GB of digital music storage. Excessive? Completely. But do I love it? Completely.

I can't really put my finger on why I am so in love with the iPod, but my obsession runs deep. I take, at minimum, two of them with me at all times. The nano is good for working out (not that I've done that recently....) and the new touch plays videos and has wi-fi capabilities. So if I'm ever in Panera Bread, I am hard pressed to be torn from my little black machine of goodness. I had to get the oil changed in the Sentra recently, and I busted out the touch and watched an episode of "The Office." Which was great because I was laughing in McDonald's, kind of like an idiot. I looked up at one point and this old man was watching me. I gave him an embarrassed smile and he smiled back, also embarrassed. Because he probably thought I was crazy.

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