Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 16 - ...

Today was incredibly boring. Boring to the point where I called Alex on the way home and sang him songs and asked him random questions and said, "I love you," at least 12 times. Bless his heart.

I'm really not sure what today's thankfulness is. I'm hoping it'll come to me while I blog and then I can go back and change this title. But then again, I could just be thankful for ellipses. They ARE pretty cool.

NaBloPoMo has definitely taught me that I'm not cut out to be a writer. Seriously. How do people write every single freaking day!? It's ridiculous.

Alex just got home and we are going to visit his parents this evening. He just asked me where my OSU jersey is. Because I was going to look for it when I got home. Guess what I didn't do? Tomorrow is the big OSU/Michigan game. Yay? I have no idea. I'm so confused. I think it's the dish soap.

I just slammed my face into Alex's stomach, only to hit his phone which was in some super secret pocket on the inside of his jacket. Ow.

God love ya, Internet. Tomorrow will be better. Seriously.

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Melissa said...

Whatever, I love your blogs.