Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 13 - Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip (Or possibly parenthesis) (Or tangents)

I just realized that everything I chose to eat for "dinner," (I use this term loosely since I have yet to reach "full" status) involved Miracle Whip. Which is a perfectly acceptable substitute to mayonnaise as far as I'm concerned. I realize this is sacrilege in parts of the south, but I'm going there. I'm an honorary Midwesterner as it is.

Tonight, I had a pre-run (Which just didn't go well and I had to give up less than half way through. I am convinced that I have bad form. And I am unsure how to correct it. But I've got to be doing something wrong because I simply refuse to believe that I am just this big of a whuss.) snack of two lettuce wraps each with one piece of turkey bacon, 2% cheese, and Miracle Whip. And then post-run (Which again...not really a run...more of a walk punctuated with deep intakes of breath filled with PAIN.), I had a can of tuna mixed with Miracle Whip. And it was fabulous. (I almost just wrote "fabu." How's THAT for a call back to my past??)

I'm not sure if that's gross or not, but I really enjoyed them and it got me to thinking about how much I prefer mayo over mustard. Which is sad because mustard is infinitely better for you, but mayo just tastes so darn good. I occasionally treat myself at Subway and get light mayo instead of spicy mustard. Yes, I really am blogging about this. Is this boring? Am I boring? I'm so sorry.

Also now? I'm baking muffins in the world's most awesome toaster oven. Which doesn't include Mayonnaise at all, but I had to brag that I'm baking something, even though it's a pre-made muffin mix, so all I had to do was add milk. But I poured it! Into little muffin cups! That counts as me being a domestic housewife, right? Right??


His Doorkeeper said...

For years my husband has called me a "communist" because I put Miracle Whip on hot dogs! He says that's unAmerican!! har I do not like mustard but can tolerate a little Dijon now and then! So you sound fine to me!!

Philly said...

Is it a southern thing? I'd much rather mayo, too. At Subway I'll get the fat free honey mustard - almost the consistency of mayo!