Monday, January 26, 2009

Pushing the Picture Down, That's What This Post Is Doing

So Alex pointed out I made a mistake in my post about childbirth class. There were NOT 29 other couples there. There were a TOTAL of 30 people, NOT 30 couples. I am not sure why that didn't occur to me, but it didn't. So there were 14 other couples. Quite a difference. I blame it on pregnant brain.

I almost photoshopped the picture posted below. I am not even kidding. It's not the belly that bothers me. It's the large expanse of flesh between the belly and the back. Also my fat, fat face. Wow, I hate myself.

My bathroom also looks horrible in that picture. Like I regularly use a dorm room bathroom. This is because I am lazy and haven't gotten out the cute matchy match towels to go with my cute shower curtain. I am pretty sure these towels are clean and everything. But still...they haven't made it down to the bathroom. Nesting instinct? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. A myth! A myth, I tell you!

And curtains are foreign to me. I need a curtain consultant if our house ever hopes to be a "real" home.

I'm calling my doctor tomorrow about the rash. The itchiness is killing me. The fact that it is spreading is concerning. My belly and boobs (sorry all male readers!) are terrifying to behold. I am one super sexy pregnant lady.

My belly button is still an "innie." I thought, for sure, that all pregnant women experienced the outward pop of the belly button. I also thought, for sure, that it happened by 31 weeks. Does this ever happen after 31 weeks? Because I read that some women's belly buttons never pop out. I actually want my belly button to pop because it looks so weird and gross and not right anyway right now. It might as well pop on out, so I can clean it better.

Seriously. I will write a post soon that is not related to pregnancy. Seriously.


Shannon said...

Ironically enough, my belly button didn't pop until "after" the baby was born. I think there was too much extra skin at that point and it was fighting over which part got to be "inside" the innie. More to look forward to... : )

Cora said...

Dangit Shannon! I don't want an outie AFTER I give birth! :) But I suppose I'd take an outie after birth as long as it means the rash of doom goes away postpartum.

Jodi said...

Mine were outies temporarily and then got so stretched that they were flat. That is less than attractive. :) LOL

Cora said...

See? My belly button is flat now. It's weird looking and I don't like it. I am not sure why, but I am very concerned about the state of my belly button! :)

Shannon said...

The flatness DOES make it much easier to clean. : ) I too was very weirded out by what happened to my belly button, almost as much as I was positive that the baby was going to burst through my stomach and jump out singing "Hello, my Baby" ala the alien in Spaceballs.