Thursday, January 08, 2009

Judgey Pregnancy Comments, Part the First

So far, I have been extremely lucky because I am surrounded by kind people who do not say mean things to me about my pregnancy. I did have someone ask me how much weight I've gained, but I'm pretty sure it was out of curiosity, not maliciousness. But other than that, most people have just let me do my thing and life has been good.

Until tonight. (Of course, you knew where this was going right?) And to be fair, it wasn't a comment. It was a condescending question, which might actually be better because of the passive aggressive factor.

So here's the deal. It is cold here. COLD. I have a gift card to Starbucks. I decide I want to use this gift card for a warm beverage before I go to class tonight. I bring the warm beverage to class. It briefly passes through my mind that I should loudly announce that it is a decaf tea latte, lest people think I'm a coffee drinking pregnant woman. But then I decide that is ridiculous because 1) None of their business. 2) Who cares if it IS a coffee based beverage? A cup of coffee won't hurt the baby. So I remain silent and sip my drink and then proceed to freak the crap on out because I am not ready for the Praxis.

Later in the class, we split into groups to talk about whatever. And this girl looks at my cup (which has been there THE WHOLE TIME) and says, "Is that decaffeinated?" And let me just say that it was not asked in a tone of curiosity, concern, or care. It was asked in a snobby, better-than-you, DIE CAFFEINATED SINNER tone.

And this just blows my mind. Because there is no proof there is coffee in my cup. It could have been hot chocolate, or a caramel apple spice, or you know, A DECAF TEA, which it was. So I snarkily replied that ACTUALLY, IT'S TEA AND YES IT'S DECAF, I CHECKED. And she was like, "Oh, good." And I was like, "I hate you." (In my mind.) And then the girl next to me laughed because that is ridiculous and we went on about our business.

But seriously, y'all. Pregnant women can have caffeine. And even if I did choose to suck down a whole boatload of caffeine, IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If I had been quick on my feet, I should have said, "Yeah, it's decaf. It tastes better with the liquor I poured in earlier."

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The Crows said...

Hahahahaha!!! I wish you'd have said the liquor comment, too. That's great. Or, lied and said, "No, it's not," and then educated her ass on babies and caffine.