Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Other Shoe, She is Dropping

So I might not have mentioned this yesterday, but one of the reasons this pregnancy seems so unreal is because I haven't had any problems. I think I've gained too much weight (I refuse to do the math when I hit the scale. I just stare at the impossibly large number and pretend it's fake.), but my doctor hasn't said anything, so I am continuing on in blissful ignorance for now. My fragile psyche simply cannot handle it. But other than that, everything has been perfect. The ultrasound was completely normal and average in all ways. No problems with anything else that gets checked every single doctor's visit.

Until now.

So shortly after I sent a friend an e-mail telling her that I REALLY hope I don't have to take the 2nd Glucose Screen because my god, those people have drawn enough of my blood, haven't they?, guess what phone call I got? The good news: my iron levels are great! The bad news: my blood sugar is not! It was 177, which is high-ish, but not high enough to immediately put me in the Gestational Diabetes category. I cried, of course, because really? I have to fast and go back on Friday? What if I do have diabetes? I googled the crap out of it and gah! So many problems for me AND mah baby if I do! (I know, I know. Why did I google? Google never comforts!)

Honestly, I would not be surprised if I did wind up having gestational diabetes. My grandmother has diabetes and my great-grandmother died from it. Plus, I'm over the hill at the age of 28, which puts me at higher risk. And if I DO have it, then I have a much higher chance of getting regular old diabetes later on in life. The kind that doesn't go away in less than three months when the baby comes. And the thought of that freaks me out because I watched my grandmother struggle to control her blood sugar for years and years now and it is a heap of no fun.

Of course, the chances are high that I don't have GD. Very high. It was probably nothing. I probably just ate too much sugar that day. But still. No one wants to hear there's a problem. And no one wants to fast for 12 hours (no water ever!) only to have blood drawn four more times in a three hour period on a Friday morning.

(At this point I should also mention that I have to get my Rhogam shot this week and when I called to schedule it, they informed me they have to take MORE BLOOD. So I'm getting my blood drawn a total of six times this week. HOO.RAY.)

But! All is not lost. Because look what came in the mail last night:


SNOOOOOOOOOGLE!!!!!!!! I used it last night and it is A.MAZ.ING. Holy cow. I slept through the ENTIRE night, for starters. (Unheard of, I know. Part of that is because I couldn't sleep at all the night before so I was exhausted. But far be it for me to not give credit where credit is due. And the Snoogle, she deserves from credit.) And I woke up feeling much more comfortable after a night of sleep than I have felt in at least a month. I love you, Snoogle.


Alex said...

How do you know the Snoogle is a girl??

Anonymous said...

isn't that stuff they make you drink just the most disgusting stuff?!

Cora said...

Alex - you'd rather the snoogle be a boy?

Gina - it wasn't TOO bad. But not enjoyable at all. I had the fruit punch one, which I hear is better than the orange or grape flavors. So maybe that was the difference. Tomorrow, I plan on sampling the orange one just to get the full experience.