Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Freak Me Out in One Easy Step

So the glucose test went well, apparently. I managed to neither throw up nor pass out, which is impressive because things got a little dicey towards the end there. Somewhere around Hour 15 of no food or drink, I started feeling...funny. Kind of...drunk, I'd say. I was lightheaded and everything was suddenly hilarious and I kind of wanted to fall asleep on the table. Alex and I went to be BW3's and I started sweating profusely because I was SO HOT and then I was suddenly freezing cold and dear lord, where is my WRAP!? I felt better after eating and a non-nap (I tried to nap, but brought Eclipse with me to help me sleep and darn it all, I read all afternoon instead.) But the technician said I should hear back today if the results came back in positive and thus far, no phone call. So...hopefully we're in the clear on that one. Woo!

Anyways, back to the topic on hand. I noticed my hands swelling at the doctor's office, so I decided to take off my wedding band. (Engagement ring? Will not be worn again until May-ish, I am betting.) I have this weird fear of getting my ring stuck on me and having to get it cut off. I don't know why. It's kind of irrational, but I have it. So I flipped out and took my ring off and put it in my pants pocket.

I did not wear those pants again all weekend.

Last night, Alex and I decided laundry needed to be done. He offered to wash those pants. (Which they desperately needed since I own approximately 3 pairs of pants that I can comfortably wear right now.) So, I said, "Sure Awesome Husband! Do my laundry!" Which means I didn't check the pockets before they were laundered.

This morning, I started looking for the pants because I wanted my wedding ring. They weren't where I left them (the floor) and I was confused. And then slowly, like in a horror movie, the realization dawned on me. My pants were washed last night. And were probably hanging up to dry in the basement. I hadn't checked the pockets. Alex didn't mention checking the pockets. My wedding ring was in the pocket of those pants. WHERE IS MY WEDDING RING!?

I IMMEDIATELY lost it. I started crying hysterically and babbling because OH MY GOD, I WASHED MY WEDDING RING AND IT IS GONE FOREVER. Poor Alex was in the shower, so imagine his concern when he suddenly hears his wife wailing. I eventually stumbled into the bathroom sobbing and Alex is convinced that I have fallen or hurt or that the baby is dead or something. I break the news to him that I am pretty confident we washed my wedding ring last night and it is LOST FOR ALL ETERNITY. He reacted much more calmly than I did and promised to go look for it as soon as he was out of the shower, as long as I would sit down and stop trying to bring on premature labor with my hysterics. (Note: He was much nicer than this. I realize now how ridiculous I must have looked and sounded.)

So I sat down and cried and Alex went downstairs to inspect the damage. And, seriously, he came back TWO MINUTES later with a super shiny wedding band that was fully intact and indeed, not lost forever. THANK YOU GOD. So! All that drama for nothing. I'd like to blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I am pretty sure I would have flipped out just as much if I wasn't pregnant. So be ye warned. CHECK YOUR POCKETS BEFORE YOU WASH THEM, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE DUMB LIKE ME.

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