Monday, February 01, 2010

Random Monday (Mostly Baby) Stuff

- I was without a reliable internet connection on Friday, so I missed 7 Quick Takes. Booo! I love random blogging. So here I am, making up for it today.

- We joined Costco yesterday. It had to happen, people. I'll get to that more in a minute. But let me just say that it is EXACTLY like Sam's Club. They are eerily similar. However, they have a lot more organic foods and I am pumped that I can now buy organic IN BULK. And they have EXCELLENT salsa. Which we know own 3 pounds of. Hooray for salsa in bulk!

- The reason we joined Costco is for the diapers. Because, get this, Pampers SCREWED US OVER. We have been loyal Pampers customers for the entirety of Jack's life. And then they CHANGED the Cruisers. CHANGED THEM. The Cruisers were absolutely, positively 100% THE BEST DIAPER EVER. And now they are crappy and leak and give rashes and BLAH. And Pampers at NO POINT ever stated they were changing the design. Instead, they put the new Cruisers in the old box and put the new Cruisers in a different box, upped the price, and only distribute them to Target. So I am officially DONE WITH PAMPERS. Which means I have to find a new diaper. And the Internet told me that Costco's Kirkland brand were awesome. I haven't used them yet, but I will let you know how they work.)

- Jack can now stand on his own for a whole 5 seconds. He ambled over to the end table this morning and grabbed my chapstick (because why play with the million zillion toys we have?) and then stood there triumphantly before gently sitting back down. Gaaaaahhhhh. It's like he's turning into a TODDLER or something.

- In other news, guess who needs to pick up some outlet covers today?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cora. I work for Pampers and happened to come across your blog. I wanted to comment to let you that I'm so sorry you aren't happy with the changes to Cruisers.

I was hoping to give you a bit of background. After years of research, Pampers invented this Dry Max technology. This change removed the paper pulp in our diapers, making them thinner and less bulky, but it should not affect the performance. And most importantly, they are still safe and gentle to a baby's skin. That said, if your son experienced a rash, we want to hear about it, because we would not expect it. If you haven't already done so, please call us at 1-866-586-5654. You definitely sound busy with your little boy, but by calling us, we can offer some help and answer any questions you may have. Either way, I'm sharing your story with the right people on our team. Thanks so much for your time. Pattie