Friday, February 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - 12/11/10

1. Yesterday, Alex and I had the following conversation on IM:
Cora: taylor lautner turned 18 today

Alex: thank goodness

This is why our relationship works, y'all.

2. We watched Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” last night. I am not the biggest MJ fan around, so I was surprised that I knew most of the songs in the movie. The whole production looked pretty cool and I liked getting to see the behind the scenes look at how the concert was put together. It was also pretty sad too. *insert wise, sentimental statement about deceased pop icon here*

3. I had coffee this morning and by the time I met Alex for lunch I was all shaky and loopy. Might need to get a weaker brew next time.

4. I went to HEB today to buy bananas and baby food. I left with bananas, baby food, finger paint, bubbles, an outlet cover, and strawberries. I have a problem. I had to go to Costco next and I made myself walk straight to the formula and then right to the check out lane. WHO KNOWS what I could have bought in bulk while I was there. Maybe three more pounds of salsa? A dozen more apples? A 48 pack of paper towels? The possibilities are endless!

5. The baby fell asleep on the way home from Costco. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened, but I was really trying hard to get him home in time to nap in bed. I was shocked he fell asleep because he was in a coat and didn’t have a paci. So I spent an hour parked in front of our apartment playing on my phone. I used to do this all the time at home, but it didn’t seem to matter because we had our house with a driveway. Now I am sitting in a parking lot with people all around. I wonder what they think when they keep seeing me hanging out in my car every afternoon?

6. The bugs have not gone away. I found a spider AND a roach in our bathroom yesterday morning. AT THE SAME TIME. Fortunately, Alex hadn’t left yet and he took care of them while I distracted the baby in the living room. I was actually so tired that it didn’t even bother all that much. But in even BETTER news, Alex is totally on board with getting a cat (eventually – the pet deposit at this apartment is PRICEY). Hooray! I am ridiculously excited about our future little schmoopy fur pants to snuggle wuggle with!

7. My goodness, this is the most boring 7 Quick Takes EVER. And I just realized that I all I wrote about what stuff that happened yesterday. I am an epic blogger, y’all. EPIC.

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