Friday, February 19, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - It's Almost Saturday Edition

1. The baby has been sick.

2. He napped pretty much all day today, bless his little heart.

3. We are all still tired from the joy of last night. A teething, hungry baby does not equal a happy, sleeping baby.

4. I can't get into the Olympics much this year. I just...can't. I even DVR'ed some of it and no. I just can't. So all the Olympics coverage is languishing on the DVR along with about a bazillion episodes of American Idol.

5. I gave up all french fries and fast food for lent. It is SO CONVENIENT when the lenten season falls around the time I am trying to be healthier.

6. Although I heard that Filet o Fish commercial is back on. You know? The one with the singing fish? Oh my gosh, that song gets stuck in my head and will not get out. And it's probably stuck in your head now too. (Give me back that filet of fish! Give me that fish!) Can't you hear it right now too? It just stays there and will never ever leave. GAH!

7. I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom while the boys napped this evening. My god, I might pass out from my glamorous lifestyle.

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