Wednesday, February 03, 2010

10 Months

Jack turned 10 months old today. I took pictures, but our card reader is broken. So I can't get the pictures on here, which is a bummer. But I promise he's cute. Just imagine the cutest little red headed baby ever and there you go. That's him.

This past month has been a huge one for Jack. He has learned how to pull up, cruise, crawl (in that order...he cruised first), give high fives, clap, and wave. He went from being a non-mobile, talking baby to a very mobile, gesturing baby. It boggles my mind that in less than four weeks, he managed to become a different little boy.

We still have no teeth. STILL. WHEN ARE THE TEETH GOING TO COME? I swear he ACTS like he's teething with the drooling and occasional night time fussiness. But no. NO TEETH. I'm assuming he'll get those some time before kindergarten. Maybe.

He is also proving to be a somewhat picky eater. He does NOT like table food. He pretty much rejects anything that isn't pureed. I've tried two different brands and flavors of puffs and he hates them both. I also tried some yogurt melts and again, GROSS. He will eat pureed bananas, but mash one up and give it to him? RE.JECT. He doesn't seem to be a fan of mashed potatoes or cheese yet, either. He DID eat some toast for the first time last weekend so maybe we are on to something there. He also doesn't like juice. JUICE! What kid doesn't like juice? I thought they all looooved and became addicted to it, begging for it like fiends. Of course, he might not like the juice because he doesn't like sippy cups. I was using the juice as an incentive to hold his own cup, but so far, no dice. He would rather you hold the bottle and/or cup, thank you very much. I've only bought 3 kinds of cups so far. Maybe I should try a few more? (Alex is rolling eyes right this VERY SECOND.)

Jack makes all kinds of noises now. I think he might say "Hi" occasionally, but it's not consistent yet. He still says "Ma Ma" and we sometimes get "Da Da" too. Most of it is just crazy fun little words that he makes up. He started making the "na na na" sound this month and he usually says that when he's upset or frustrated.

This month has been a lot of fun. He is more excited and interested in his toys now. And we get to interact more when we play. He really loves his blender and busy table. He likes knocking down blocks (both soft and good old fashioned plastic) that we stack. We got him a bead roller coaster at Ikea and he REALLY likes that as well. The busy ball popper has fallen out of favor though. It kind of freaks him out now.

Jack really seemed to fall in love with books this month. His favorite is Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! by Sandra Boynton. We're big Boynton fans around here (Thanks Shannon!) and we read a lot of her stuff everyday. He also likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We sing Where is Thumpkin, Old McDonald, BINGO, Skinnamarink, and the ABC's pretty much every day. I also sang I Know an Old Lady a few times, but dude, I never realized how MORBID that song is. Sheesh.

This month has been so crazy. He has learned how to do SO MUCH. I feel like he's more like a little boy instead of a baby now. And I am LOATHE to use the "t" word because he is a BABY UNTIL HE IS 1 YEAR OLD, but dude. He doesn't seem like such a baby anymore. But today, he was super affectionate and gave me lots of kisses. We napped together and he laughed when I teased him and he crawled to find me when I walked away. He is obssessed with my laptop and tries to grab my food (to not eat) when I eat. He lights up when I walk in the room. He's still my sweet little baby boy even though he's such a big boy in the double digit months.

Oh wait! I found a not so great picture that I took with my point and shoot. I apologize for the bad lighting. But he was trying to pull up on my jeans (a new favorite past time!) and that is the camera I had on me.

I love him.


Jodi said...

Two of my kids didn't get teeth until about 13 months. But now as they are losing their baby teeth they are taking longer too so maybe that is a good thing?

He is a cutie! I cannot believe how much he has changed and grown.

Kindergarten, look out! ;)

Christy said...

Your child is SO CUTE. I must see him again soon.