Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Discovery Health is bad for my health

So! I've discovered new things to obsess over on the TeeVee. I cannot turn away from all those crazy pregnancy shows on Discovery Health. Last night, I watched the Duggars welcome baby Josie (twice!), I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, and I'm Pregnant and 55. And I would have kept going except I could barely keep my eyes open by the time the Duggars came on AGAIN.

Did y'all know that women can get pregnant at 55 and 57? And deliver perfectly healthy babies? And that those very same women might consider getting pregnant AGAIN? My mind, it was BLOWN. I mean, I KNEW older women could get pregnant, but to watch it? It's just insane. The one lady was 55 and her husband was 64. So he will be 80 when their baby turns 16. And she'll be 71. Dude. I thought MY parents were old.

Also? Also, also? I still cannot get over how a woman doesn't know she is pregnant. This episode made more sense (She had had an IVF treatment and miscarried. Not to mention she was FIFTY-SEVEN.) at how it could happen. But still. Still! I felt like a completely different person when I was pregnant. And the belly! How do you miss the belly? Again, it was understandable this episode because this woman thought she had ovarian cancer and had lost 20+ pounds. And she was FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD. But most women? Women who are of child bearing age? How they miss the signs of pregnancy BOGGLE MY MIND.

So needless to say all of these shows are now programmed to my DVR and I may or may not have read the Duggars' wikipedia page this afternoon. Because I am so amazed they can even remember all of their kids' names, much less RAISE them. And to be fair, their kids seem pretty happy and are incredibly well behaved. But still. That many children under one roof sounds like a big ball of no fun to me. Which is why I have one child and am happy with that. Maybe for FOREVER. And how am I supposed to pay attention to that child when there are 57 year old women getting pregnant? AND their teasing an episode where a paralyzed woman is pregnant with twins. TWINS! OMG!


Christy said...

I agree! I've never understood how somebody could NOT know. But I like to watch those train wrecks on Discovery Health too.

phil said...

Have you seen the one about the quads with 2 moms? That is a train wreck that was good to watch!