Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am tired because...

I've gone to the gym every night this week. Our new fancy pants gym offers lots of classes and I am taking full advantage of them because it is new! and fun! and fancy! Monday night was Latin Fusion. Tuesday night was Cycle (AKA Spinning, as the rest of the world knows it). And tonight was Latin Fusion again (this time with a different instructor). Tomorrow? Yoga!

So that is where I have been. Making a fool of myself in Latin dance classes. And trying not to DIE in cycle class. It's taken a lot out of me. And I shower at night and so by the time I am ready to blog, I am also ready for bed. And bed always wins. ALWAYS.

And I am TOTALLY ordering a heart rate monitor tonight because I am hard core like that. (Or because I am pretty sure my heart rate is going THROUGH THE ROOF and I'm not burning fat, but precious, precious energy.)

But I'm having fun and DUDE, it is so nice to have an hour break where I get to be an adult. No worrying about a small child! (Who is teething! For real! You can SEE the tooth breaking through those precious little gums of his. You can even FEEL it too.) It's heavenly. If you considering heavenly to be sweating like a pig with a really red face while trying to remember to breathe. And strangely enough, I do.

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