Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, and, by the way

As I think I mentioned at some point or the other, I have moved into the office at work and am rather enjoying it. With the seminar out of the way, we've switched gears slightly and I'm working on some new stuff that's boring, yet oddly satisfying to my anal retentive self. I've been enjoying myself thus far, but there was one drawback. Less money. Office workers aren't allowed/required (however you choose to view it) to pull 50+ hour weeks. So I suddenly lost a significant amount of overtime in the process. I was okay at first, but as time passed, I started freaking about my finances. I hemmed and hawed for a bit and finally decided to mention something to my immediate superior. She is, in a word, awesome. So I felt pretty comfortable saying something to her because 1) she doesn't have that kind of power, so it wouldn't feel like I was asking her and 2) she's got mad sympathy skills. She understood my plight and told me she'd bring the issue up to the Big Boss Lady. That was last week.

I went into this week thinking that either my boss had not said anything or the big boss lady had laughed in her face. But then, on Monday morning, my boss came over and was snooping around my stuff. She then asked me to come with her and we went in the front conference room and she shut the door. I just knew that they were letting me go. Going to the conference room is like getting called to the principal's office. You just know you're in trouble. That is where people go in hired and come out fired. Where they go in a supervisor and come out a line inspector. You just don't want to go. So, I immediately began preparing myself for the speech that they had changed their minds and I was no longer needed in the office.

My boss sat down and looked at me and said, "The Big Boss Lady answered my question about your raise last week but forgot to copy me on the e-mail." She then took a breath and said, "You got your raise." I almost passed out I was so relieved.

So, yippee! The best part was that it was actually MORE than what I had asked for or was expecting to get. So I apolgoize, internet. I got so distracted describing the no good, very bad, awful bad date that I forgot to share the happy stuff too. Hooray for good news that makes for a very boring blog post!

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Analyst Catalyst said...

Let me, as an anonymous representative of the internet, be the first to congratulate you on your raise.