Monday, March 20, 2006

A little something for everyone

Y’all, the nano shipped today. Yee-haw!

I’m frustrated because I have nothing exciting to write about. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of awesome things to tell the internet and nothing is coming to me. Nothing. Nada. It’s sad really. The biggest things on my mind so far today: Dave and Buster’s and my nails. My god, can you handle the excitement? I know I might explode from it all.

That’s it, I give up. I’m just going to ramble.

So today is the first day of spring. I’m wearing a very cute pink striped sweater as I type this. And I wore a coat while outside. It’s supposed to snow tonight. Not very spring-y. Stupid weather. This is one reason why I miss Louisiana.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of couple blogs popping up. In fact, two friends from college are both sporting new blogs. Of course, both of them are doing all the work while their husbands contribute in name only, so I’m not sure if it counts fully as a “couples” blog. But if the name is in the URL, it counts for me. Kevin and Guy might decide to contribute at some point, you never know. So, check it. I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. Does that mean couple blogs are the new mommy blog? I really don’t think so because eventually most of these couple blogs will become mommy blogs. Don’t you think? But don’t worry y’all, I’ll still be here representing the single, bitter blog. It ain’t gonna end anytime soon. Not that I’m happy about that or anything. I’m just saying.

Leah posted a webcast this weekend and I’m in love with her voice…even though she’s been sick. It’s amazing how lovely she sounds. You should go listen to it if for no other reason than to just hear the mellifluous sounds of her speaking.

I kill flowers. Don’t give me any.


anona_shawn said...

you are clever and strange and I like reading your blog whenever I find the time. I just did a little squealy of joy realizing for the first time that you've been at this for a while.

Sometimes technology of things like... labeled links to archives sorted by month... confuse and confound me.

I am now un-confounded

anona_shawn said...

PS: yes, I've known Gina Marie for ... ages. But only through the internet. I know I come across as pretty random sometimes, but that's just because I'd rather be silly than creepy if I'm going to be strange.

I'm canadian, you know, we try to maintain an air of absolute harmlessness at all times. At least those of us who aren't armed.

Cora said...


I'm so pleased to know that you are both un-confounded AND harmless! Welcome to the sand palace. We totally allow Canadians!