Sunday, March 12, 2006

Of note:

1. I got Paris Bennet in the American Idol pool. I am SO screwed.

2. I did my taxes this week. And I’m not kidding when I say that that is a momentous occasion. This is HUGE. Me. Cora. It’s not even April yet! I can hardly believe it. I always, always, always procrastinate with the taxes. I am the girl who waits until April 14th and then freaks out. I’m sure you know people like this. The people who are perfectly aware that they need to get their taxes done, but oops, it’s the middle of April and they’ve lost their W-2’s! Yeah, I’m THAT person.

But even better than the fact that I am now a mature, responsible member of society, is the fact that I am getting a refund. A pretty good refund, considering I don’t make that much money. So now I’m all atwitter about what I’ve decided to do with my refund.

I’m getting a nano! Now before you go and try and make me rescind my earlier statement of being both “mature” and “responsible,” let me explain that I plan on using most of my refund on boring, yet necessary, things like paying bills. But my big splurge, my “Happy Refund to Me” gift, is a brand new beautiful iPod nano. I am so completely excited.

I decided to go with a new nano, instead of getting my old gigantic, dinosaur-like one fixed because BGF informed me that he thought I was an iPod killer. Apparently, I treat my iPods with tough love. And I am a “carry my iPod in my purse with me everywhere” and “oops, I dropped the iPod” and “fling the iPod around while I run” kind of girl. So he does have a point. He thinks a nano is more Cora-friendly because of the flash memory instead of a hard drive. Plus, it’s tiny and adorable. And who wouldn’t want a music player that’s the size of a pack of chewing gum AND a color screen?

3. I hate girls at the gym who 1) do not sweat, 2) bring a latte into the gym, 3) talk on the phone while "running" and 4) stand in the middle of the one walkway to the paper towels so that I can wipe off the machine I just used because it's embarassing enough that I sweat this much and there are mirrors EVERYWHERE, girlfriend, so I can totally see that snide look you just gave my fat ass. But at least my behind is covered where as your nasty cellulite-ridden self is hanging out for us all to see.

4. LSU and Arkansas are in March Madness! Goooooo SEC! I want them to do well so I can finally see some southern teams on my TV screen. I just printed out my bracket for this year. I will not win anything if I do a pool, but I feel as though I'm automatically cooler by printing upa bracket. I am also bummed because Ohio State is playing in my city and you have no idea how badly I want to go. Man, I love college basketball.

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leah said...

I second that thought about the latte-drinking cell-phone-talking, non-sweating biatches at the gym. Grrrr.