Saturday, April 01, 2006

Web Junk

Bored? Unmotivated? Feel like wasting time? Need some diversion? Well, the Sand Palace is here for you! I learned this weekend that wireless internet and a working laptop are just a bad, bad mix if you'd like to do anything productive. Or active. Or social. Like, I really should not have my laptop in the living room with my TV. It's a multi-media feeding frenzy and will only lead me down the road of "biggest couch potato in America." Oh well!

BGF introducted me to my latest drug this weekend. The Stumble! Plug-in for Firefox. You tell them what best distracts you, and then they find even MORE useless sites for you. All you have to do is simply click the mouse. Hours of times wasted! Hours! But I'm generous in my sloth-like tendencies and am now here to share current, as-of-this-very-moment finds with you. Enjoy!

First up: Cows with Guns. A classic that I haven't seen in ages. It's a bit long, but worth every minute. I am in no way biased since I'm obsessed with bovine.

Next: Kitten War. It's like battle with kitten pictures. I think Capers might get submitted sooner than later. Although I'm a little nervous, because what if people don't like her? It's like putting your baby in a cutest baby contest. (BGF entered her in a "Most Beautiful Household Cat" competition and we were both a wreck the entire time. I instantly became a pageant mom and I didn't like that feeling. I was suddenly very concerned about her fur and presentation and how much she had eaten recently and why won't she look at the judge instead of us? Shine baby! Shine!!!)

Finally: Their Circular Life. You get to choose a destination and then see images throughout the day from that same spot. It's like being stuck at your desk at work, but fun! And faster!

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