Thursday, March 23, 2006

Technologic, pt. 1

Pictures, as promised.

Here I am with the Nano before I actually opened it. It was like Christmas in March! Good thing we were having Christmas-y weather!

I convinced BGF that he needed to chronicle each step of the way while I opened the nano. He found it annoying, yet endearing. But seriously, look how cute I am! Look how cute it is! We're a match made in heaven.

What you can't see is that there was a lot of squealing and yelping and "OH MY GOSH! LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! IT'S SO LITTLE! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!" Maybe THAT was what BGF found so annoying. Huh. Didn't occur to me until just now. (Note the extraneous dog shot in the background. She was dying for some attention at that point.)

Well, once the nano was opened and safely hooked up to the computer, it was time to go shopping. The most important buy of the evening was a pair of brand spanking new headphones for the nano. Only the best for my baby.

As you may have noticed, pink is my color. It wasnt always this way. I loathed pink as a child and as Phillison pointed out earlier today, black was my color in junior high. (Unfortunately, black was not my color because it’s a classic and has slimming affects. Black was my color because I HATED THE WORLD!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!) So when I saw awesome pink headphones at Target, I knew they had to be mine. The problem was that I couldn’t justify purchasing 20 dollar headphones when I already had a perfectly good pair. (That were the same exactly style, only different colors.) But when I decided to get the nano, I knew the pink headphones had to be mine. I kept putting off purchasing them until it came in the mail, though. Which was stupid. As usual, the day I decide to purchase something, they are nowhere to be found. I know Target is notorious for not keeping their stock long, but I thought maybe the pink headphones were permanent, you know? No. They were in the process of being clearanced out of existence and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I refused to give up so easily and so I went to ask the Target employee with the many tattoos who was working by the cameras. I picked up a pair of headphones that were similar to the ones I was looking for and I walked up to him and said, “I’m looking for some headphones that are like this but…” And before I could even finish the sentence he looks at me with slight disdain and says, “The pink ones?” Y’all, he just KNEW. I’m not sure what this says about me as a person or how I look, but I must scream ‘PINK!!!!’ Is it because I look girly? Dainty? 12? I don’t know. But he knew. He said they were on clearance and they were discontinuing them, but that he thought he had seen some left. He went and checked an aisle and came back empty handed. My heart grew a little heavy at the thought of having an iPod without pink headphones to keep it company. He offered to check in the back and I gladly accepted. He was gone for a loooooooooong time and I figured all was lost. I started thinking of other options and what I wanted to do (since the iPod buds make my ears bleed), when he came back with the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

They were the last ones left and he had to hunt for them. He said he almost gave up and then looked in one last place and there they were. That's called fate, y'all. It was meant to be. Aren't they gorgeous? I know BGF thinks so.

Tomorrow: laptop lovin'!


BGF said...

I won't forgive you for this.

Cora said...

Internet, behold the dissolution of a friendship.

thecrows said...

I love you, Cora! And your little nano, too. (Cackle, Cackle)

Leah said...

You are so cute. And your dog looks like my cat.

Paul Tackett said...

bgf looks so cute with the pink headphones. awwwwww.

Phil said...

I love the pictures! My nano says "hi"!