Sunday, March 19, 2006

Marshmallows are my kryptonite

I went to the gym today and ran 3.5 miles. I'll pause while you give me a virtual pat on the back.

My problem is that I love marshmallows. LOVE THEM. I normally don't have them within a ten mile radius of my house because I will eat them all in 30 seconds flat. I'm not sure why I like them so much. I think it's the light and fluffy nature of the insides combined with that slightly harder outside. And they're so white and sweet and kind of melt in your mouth, but not grossly. And you can just put a ton in your mouth and bite away and they love you no matter what. They really are just a little piece of jet puff heaven. I am a purist though. I like the classic white marshmallow seen here. None of this colored, different size mess. I want my classic white puffy goodness, people. And seriously, doesn't that photo make you want to dive into a pool of marshmallows and eat without abandon?


Just me?

Okay, then.

The reason I had access to the jet puff glory was because I forced BGF this weekend to make use of his s'mores fondue set he got for Christmas. For some reason, I decided that s'mores would just be perfect to go with college basketball on a Saturday afternoon. (Geaux Tigers!) It might have been because it was me and 3 boys and chocolate seemed close enough to estrogen for me.

They really were excellent, despite the fact that the tiny little blue flame kept catching the marshmallows on fire. Seriously, who would have thought that such a cute little flame could do so much damage? But I didn't really care because it's s'mores and I'm pretty much always happy when chocolate AND marshmallows are involved.

Unfortunately, we didn't use ALL of the marshmallows during our indoor camping experience. And you know what means. I ate ALL of the remaining marshmallows. ALL OF THEM. I couldn't stop. They were just sitting there. And they were so inviting with the their little coy little white innocence. It was like they were calling to me. And I cannot resist their siren song. Blast them!

So really, you shouldn't virtually pat me on the back. I went to the gym today out of necessity. Otherwise, my stomach is going to keep looking like a marshmallow. Ew.

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