Monday, March 06, 2006

Awesomely Random

Unbeknownst to me, I boarded an emotional roller coaster last week. (Hence, the extreme lack of blogging.) Too bad it was a roller coaster and not just a steady uphill climb of happy Tom Westman-type meetings one after the other. (Not too sound too early ‘90’s on you here but, I did get to see him numerous times throughout the seminar and that man is FINE.) But alas, what goes up, must come down…and apparently, twist and turn and loopty loop as well. My main problem with all of this is that I can barely handle my emotions when I’m physically well, much less when I am sick. So when I started getting the nasty, icky, oogey feelings on Wednesday evening, I was pissed. I call foul on my body for allowing me to feel sick physically and emotionally. That’s just wrong. You hear me? Wrong! What is your deal, body!?

I went to the doctor Saturday morning and listened to people talk about their kids and their dogs and the traffic. It was either that or do the hustle, since it’s a Super 70’s Weekend! every weekend on Lite 99. Obviously, I went with the eavesdropping since I was feeling badly. Apparently, I need to procreate to fit in this town. Good thing I’m used to not fitting in. An entire life time’s experience of being an outcast has finally come in handy! I will not bow to the pressure to give birth so I can talk about how my snotty pre-teen is bigger and meaner and uglier than me! I will not!

The doctor was his usual helpful self (read: I love sarcasm!) and sent me away with antibiotics for my sinuses and a smile and a wink for my tummy problems. Apparently, there’s nothing he can do about the stomach. Which was the main reason I went. I was worried most about the fact that eating was not enjoyable. And when eating is not enjoyable, how can I deal emotionally? I can’t even work out when I’m this sick, for fear of puking at the gym. (Not that my gym isn’t used to me puking, but you know.) “Just take lots of Pepto and drinks lots of water and eat lots of bland food. It’ll work itself out in a day or two.” Yeah, a day or two. Whatever Dr. Blue Eyes, you who clearly got by on your good looks. This ain’t Grey’s Anatomy. You’re not gonna cure me by poking around my stomach and then running your hand through your great hair. Especially when you’re helpful advice that I’m paying you for is to drink fluids and take some Pepto. My mom could have told me that and the phone call to her would have been free and more compassionate.

Also, this just in: boys sometimes suck. Hard. (Notice how I said, “sometimes” instead of just making a blanket statement about all boys sucking all the time? I’ve totally grown as a person, y’all!)

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