Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Capers and I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter today. Except, really, Capers didn't want to do it. Only I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. But I don't care what Capers thinks or wants, mainly because she has been known to crawl onto my sleeping form and then try to eat my hair. So I forced her to pose for the picture because I'm mean and cruel and generally heartless. Also, I'm petty like that. Payback's a bitch, cat.
She IS really pretty though, isn't she?

This year for Easter, I went to BGF's church for Sunday morning service. Church sucked for two reasons.

1) It was hotter than a ham sandwich in there.
2) I had to listen to a story about a baby bunny getting killed by a cat. Yes, the Easter sermon featured the horrid tale of a helpless baby bunny getting visciously killed by a cat. Awesome!

In other news, I wore a cute outfit today and here is a picture of me looking oh-so-lady like and secretly thinking that I look hot in that ethereal kind of way.
See how light and airy this outfit is? Very cute, I thought. Unfortunately, the ladies at church must not have agreed with my fashion sense, because I was greeted with several disapproving looks throughout the morning. I mentioned this to BGF on the way to his family's house and wondered aloud if maybe I looked slutty? He replied, "Well, maybe that's why you were sweating so much in church."

Happy Easter everyone!


bgf said...

well here lies the answer to the buring question "why is BGF single?" Cause I can't stop myself from saying retarded things like that to pretty girls. Looks like I better settle in for the long haul that is the bachelorhood.

bgf said...

BTW, you looked more beautiful than ever. It takes my breath away to look at you.

Paul Tackett said...

i think the dress looks really good on you, and is definitely not slutty. that church just sucks.