Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Follow Up

Remember the German from the bad date? Well, he decided to IM me today. This would have been okay if he hadn't have, you know, been EVIL INCARNATE.

Ok, he really wasn't, but let me share our conversation in a nutshell.

"Hey, I'm having lots of success online dating! How about you? Oh, not well? Too bad! You and I aren't meant to be together because you were different in person than you were on the phone. Maybe you can hook up with that male friend you told me about! Bye!!!"

Sadly, this is really how it went down. And sadly, I really didn't say much of anything. I know I should have because our date was awful and he treated me poorly and he has no right to sit there and say that I'm some kind of poser who acted differently in real life than on the phone. But I didn't. I just sat there in shock and then thought, "I'm gonna blog about this!" So since I didn't tell him off to his face, I won't do it here. I'm trying to be less passive agressive. But I will say this: I bet he totally talks on his phone in the bathroom!


thecrows said...

If you need anyone with an iron fist, just let me know. Yo. I don't really have an iron fist, but I love you, dude, and would totally yell and ugly cry at this guy if you wanted me to. The nerve!! P.S. Way to work on your self control! (I've obviously got a long way to go!) Don't nobody mess with my Cora!

Leah said...

Maybe it's less fun, but it seems a whole lot easier to let him dump himself. Good riddance.

BGF said...

Don't sweat it. You are still the prettiest girl I know, and a real "keeper" in my book. Forget that weiner schnitzel and just be glad he is gone. You deserve way better, and better is out there.

Paul Tackett said...

what a jerk! i'll be more than happy to kick his ass for you.