Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today is a day when I really miss college. Not because I have a hankering for higher learning, but because I miss the freedom college afforded. When it's a lovely day like today, you want to go outside and relax. And in college I had the option of doing so! You could stare longingly out the window during class dreaming of the Mexican blanket and the chance to chill out on the grass and talk to passers by. And then you could fulfill that longing later in the day. Now I stare longingly towards where I know a window is located and pretend I can see the sunshine. I then think about how the Mexican blanket is in my closet and I don't really want to get it out. I mean, I guess I could sit outside with it at my apartment complex, but then I'd have to be wary of goose poop. And that stuff is toxic. (Side note: I have a fiery passion about geese. I hate them. They're honking and their arrogance is so irritating. But I can't bring myself to run them over with my car. However, I have thought about it flooring it and mowing them all down in a blue flash of Sentra glory.) I'd also have to wary of weird neighbors, who are less toxic, but possibly more annoying. I know this goes with the territory of being with a grown up, but it's not an aspect I particularly enjoy. Mainly because I have an uncontrollable desire to run around and act stupid and possibly find a swing set. But I can't because I need to make the money for the rent. Responsibility blows sometimes.

But here's the flip side. Thank GOD I can pay my own rent and not have to live with total strangers and mooch off their goodwill. So I am willing to sacrifice the good times with the Mexican blanket during the weekdays in order to do whatever I want on the weeknights. I love the luxury of having a messy room and a hellbeast dog. LOVE IT. And that makes the sacrifice worth it.

But still, on days like today when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing, don't you wish you could have your cake and eat it too?


thecrows said...

Oh, sweet Mexican blanket! How I miss you, too! From your safety I spent many a afternoon napping, reading for Wink's class, and watching that cursed game of frisbee golf.

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bgf said...

I am quite familiar with this feeling, it strikes me often when the seasons change. Cold weather only magnifies the condition. Maybe we should take that cute little dog of yours to the dog park tomorrow? Let me know.