Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Leaving in a '99 Corolla

Y'all! I've been so flipping busy that I've ignored the internet and now I've got to go out of town and will have to ignore you some more! I'm heading down to the most fantastic state in the union to celebrate the wedding of a dear college friend. I will also be hanging out with lots of old college friends...all of whom I have not seen in AT LEAST a year. We will exchange war stories and diatribes about our time at OBU. We will eat a lot of food and consume a lot of caffeine. We will complain about being adults and giggle about how we're really not grown ups yet. It will be, in a word, AWESOME.

Pictures and stories when I return. Or possibly while I'm there since our hotel is supposed to have internet. Yahoo!

Also...Jenny Crow? SO SAD you won't be there! :( I will act extra silly to make up for your absence.

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Phil said...

I'm looking forward to it - let's fashion our 4 food groups after Buddy Elf’s guidelines!!! Jenny – agree that you should be there with us, but will let Steph have you for the wedding! Hope you and yours have a super fun road trip!