Sunday, June 05, 2005

Scent of a Woman

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I keep forgetting. But then I was making my packing list just now because making lists is one of those simple joys I get out of life. There's nothing like making a list and crossing things off. I always feel so accomplished and organized and goal-oriented. Because I get to cross stuff off! Of a list! It's so cool! And a lot of times, I'll make sublists within my list, so I have more things to cross off. Like "t-shirts" will not just do. I then have to go into detail about what t-shirts I want to pack like, "Muffin Films" and "Arkansas Public Library" and "Liberal Arts Degree." Because I'm a dork. And this is not the point of my post. This point is this.

I've got a new scent!

It's really very lovely and feminine and makes me feel like an actual adult for owning real live eau de toilette instead of body splash. So, if you don't live near me, then go to your local department store and try it out. Unless you're a boy. Then I wouldn't suggest "trying it out" per se, because then you'd smell like a girl. And I'm pretty sure most of the boys who read this blog don't want to smell like a girl. But if you WANT to smell like a girl, then by all means, give this parfum a shot. You'll smell very pretty. And fabulous. And possibly gay. But you might like that. Which is fine. I don't know. I'm done.

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katiedid said...

I'm perfume obsessed, so I applaud your choice! That is a lovely sophisticated perfume, and one of the nicer Chanels in my humble opinion. I actually know of many men who would wear this scent: we perfume-obsessed folks tend to take a dim view of fragrance being gender segregated.