Sunday, June 26, 2005

Going for Yet Another Comment-less Post

I learned this weekend that if you mix boys with anything remotely drum-like you get a cacophany of sound unrivaled by the loudest of jet engines.

I love boys.

I just wrote a big paragraph bemoaning my inability of picking out winners for boyfriends. But it was really selfish and all too "woe is me." Instead, I'll say that I'm glad I finally figured out that most of the guys I've dated were losers and I'm hoping to make a turnaround in my interests. For real. From now on, only Johnnys and Orlandos and Brads. Except real. And actually nice. And single.

Anyway, let's just face it. I do love boys. And I will continue loving them. Even though the last one burned me so bad I was considering batting for the other team. (Kidding, kidding.......sort of.)

Oh dear, I'm sensing a return of the flirt whore!

1 comment:

Gina Marie said...

i so love boys too!!! and even though i should give up a boy or two.. i can't.. i think i am addicted to boys actually..yeah for the return of the flirt whore!!!