Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sworn Musical Enemies

We have SiriusXM in one of our cars and it has spoiled me. I always know what artist is singing what song, which is something that drives me crazy with old, normal radio. I always want to know who is singing what. ALWAYS. I'm sure Alex just loves the way I always ask him whose singing on the radio.

This morning, I heard a new-to-me song that...well...it sucked. I checked to see who was singing and saw that it was Sean Kingston. AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! I IMMEDIATELY changed the station because I couldn't believe I'd let his voice into my car for as long as I had. You see, he is one of my sworn musical enemies.

I have many sworn musical enemies because I am a freak show when it comes to music. There are some artists that I irrationally hate. There's no rhyme or reason to it. I just can't stand certain artists to the point that they are enemy. Sometimes, it's just one song that puts them on this list. Here are a few:

John Mayer - He is, without a doubt, musical enemy #1. I have never even slightly liked one of his songs. I think they all blow. Plus, he is a total d-bag in real life. I can't understand his appeal AT ALL. I refuse to listen to any of his songs EVER.

Sean Kingston - It was that suicidal song, man. HATE. It makes ME suicidal. I've never liked any other song he's done since.

Colbie Cailait - I'm not really sure why I dislike her so. I didn't like the Bubbly song. And it's grown from there. And so far, nothing else she's done has made me like her.

Plain White T's - Oh my word, Hey There Delilah. It's like musical sauerkraut. Disgusting. (And yes, I know some of you really like that song, ahem Christy, but I just can't do it!) I heard their new song recently and yep, still can't stand 'em.

Two artists who used to be on this list and are now on the, 'I don't like them, but I tolerate a few of their songs now. BEGRUDGINGLY.' list.

Katy Perry - I've eased up slightly on my Katy Perry hate since California Gurls was pretty catchy and it had Snoop Dogg. (Although, ENOUGH with the stupid spelling ALREADY. You are a GROWN WOMAN, Katy. Not a moronic 12 year old.) And the Glee version of Teenage Dream is AMAZING. I actually don't like her version at all, but something about those a capella voices make that song extremely appealing.

Coldplay - This is one of those super popular things that I just don't get. I'm not a fan of Chris Martin's voice and I think most of their songs sound whiny. But man, do I love me some Violet Hill. Probably one of my favorite songs ever. It was, of course, not a very big hit for them, but it was enough to take them off of my sworn musical enemies list. (A list I'm sure they're THRILLED to be off of.)

What about you, dear readers? Any artist that bugs you for no good reason?


Christy said...

Ok, first comments about your picks: ha ha, on John Mayer. We went to his concert earlier this year. Love him, but not when I have to look at him while he's singing. It's gross. Agree about Colbie Cailait and Katy Perry. Double ugh.

Really dislike Modest Mouse. CAN NOT STAND Miranda Lambert (country). Also CAN NOT STAND Kesha. She makes me want to chop off my ears.

Philly said...

I was wondering if MxPx would be on the list :-) I have no clue who Modest Mouse is?

Ashley said...

I hate the Delilah song as well!
I can't stand Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga freaks me out but her music is so dang catchy. Although the Alejandro song makes me want to drive my car off a cliff!

Gina said...

we both read the blog conversion diary! how interesting