Saturday, November 13, 2010

Idiocy, thy name is Cora

So! Guess who is a big stupid head? Go on! Guess!

If you said, "Cora!" then you're right! And infinitely smarter than I am!

So tonight, Alex, Jack and I went to the Olive Garden to eat dinner because we are nothing if not suckers for good carbs. And what better excuse to eat carbs than a half marathon. Am I right? The place was super crowded with other racers and I noticed some people were already wearing the t-shirt. I was surprised that they already had them, but I figured they were those over achiever types who like to check in to things early. I used to be that person until I became a mother. Now I just show up and hope things work out. (See: this morning when we breezed into Gymboree for a make up class and I had NO IDEA if we were at the right class until I got a good look at the sign in sheet.)

I started looking up information for where we needed to go in the morning while we were at the restaurant but my phone is super slow and Jack wasn't exactly being helpful, what with the walking away and insistence on sitting on the cold ground outside. So I gave up and figured I'd take care of everything once we got home.

We came home, after a quick trip to HEB to pick up milk and bananas for a good pre-race breakfast tomorrow morning, and for some reason that still remains a mystery to me, I cleaned the bathroom. Don't ask me why, but I thought I'd throw in that little tidbit to show that I'm growing as a person.

After the bathroom met my (admittedly, low) standards of clean, I got online to figure out all the race day stuff. There was a confirmation sheet that I needed to print, so I went ahead and printed that up and started looking at the different options for parking and drop off.

I grabbed the paper off of the printer and saw this:


Yes, that's right. No race number pick-up on Race Day. Which is TOMORROW.

I FREAKED out and started clicking on links and going through the FAQ and sure enough, I was supposed to have already picked up my race packet. I needed to do it yesterday or today by 5 pm. I'm screwed.

I can't run the race, y'all. I CAN'T RUN THE RACE.

I can't find anything, anywhere that'll let me somehow magically pick up the race packet tomorrow. The FAQ's basically say, "Sorry! Hope you planned accordingly!"

I...can't believe it. Like, seriously? Months of training down the tube. (Not to mention the 90 dollar registration fee.) A life long goal. Done. Over. All gone. Gone! Because I didn't get the memo about the registration pick up.

According to the website, I should have gotten an e-mail about the race, which I most assuredly did not. And with the sickness from this week and the bad news of Friday, the LAST thing on my mind was checking into the race. It didn't even occur to me to look up registration info today because all along, I've assumed I could pick up my number tomorrow morning.

I am an idiot.

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Christy said...

OH NO!! That sucks so bad. You even ran ON THE CRUISE. What the heck?!?