Thursday, November 11, 2010

Half Marathon Update

So. About that half marathon.

Here's the thing. I'm still sick. I'm not throwing up or anything like that, but I'm still existing on saltines and chicken soup. Any time I try to throw in something else, I get nauseous. And sometimes, even my blessed saltines make me feel like crap. I can only drink Sprite without feeling worse. Gatorade is NOT an option and I'm okay if I sip water. I'm also still having...other gastrointestinal issues that I won't go into detail about. But I'm sure you can guess what often goes along with vomiting. Right?

It's not awful or anything, just really, really, really annoying. I think I'll be feeling better and then I do too much and BAM! I'm back on the couch regretting whatever it is I just tried.

So running? Not on my list of things to do.

And the half marathon? Is in 3 days.

I'm really disappointed. There is NO WAY I'm going to be able to run it. NO WAY. Granted, I was never going to smoke it or anything, but this? This isn't how I planned for it all to go down. I feel like a failure. Every time I think about the race, I get that awful "I've got a test that I haven't studied for" feeling. I am trying not to cry while I type this stupid entry. I was going to post about this last night, but couldn't bring myself to do it, so I posted about a baby monkey on a pig instead. (Baby monkey! Woo! Woo!) (Which, in all fairness, is way cuter and more entertaining than me (virtually) crying on your shoulder about my FAILURE.)

So I'm going to try and walk it. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping I'll be feeling well enough to walk without needing to take some *ahem* unpleasant bathroom breaks. If I'm feeling well enough, I'd love to try and jog a mile or two, but I honestly don't know how I'm going to feel on Sunday. (I assumed I'd be feeling fine today and that hasn't happened yet.)

I know it's not the end of the world. I know there will be other races. I know this is no big deal. But it's not shaping up on how I thought it would. And I'm disappointed more than I can describe. I feel like I'm letting myself down. And I feel like I'm letting YOU down since I've been forcing you to read about it for so long.

I'm sorry.


Jenny C said...

I'm proud of you for even WANTING to do a half-marathon. And more than that, for actually TRAINING to do a half-marathon. Dude. You don't have to actually participate in the thing to be a super-rock-star-athelete-awesome-girlfriend in my book. You even trained on your CRUISE. I admire you and think you're super awesome.

Philly said... apologies to us! You are awesome!