Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Help Me Buy a Cardigan

Internet! I need your help!

First of all, it is finally cold enough in Texas to wear sweaters. I suppose it was bound to happen at some point, so here we are. Sweater least in the morning. I actually didn't wear one yesterday because living in Ohio for seven years has hardened my exterior to the point that I don't feel cold until it is AT LEAST 40 degrees. It's...kind of awesome, actually.

Anyway. While I have a plethora of coats and hoodies, my cardigan collection is lacking. As in, I own maybe 2? 3 at the most. And I only like one of them. AND they are brown, which is fine and dandy, except brown doesn't go with everything.

Which means I am in need of a black or gray cardigan. I was originally set on getting a black one, but then I got to thinking that gray would be better because I could wear the gray with my black sweaters/t-shirts and not clash too much. I was hoping to find a dark gray cardi that would be dressy enough I could throw it on over some of my short sleeve dresses and wear it to church without looking like a moron.

I found myself at Kohl's this morning. (Yes, I FOUND myself there. Definitely didn't drive there with a purpose or anything.) I love Kohl's because all you have to do is wait and things will go on sale and then they will give you a coupon for even MORE off. I found two candidates that I think will work, but I can't decide which one. This is where you come in. I need some opinions on which one is better! I have to choose only one, so the answer "both" is not an option. (As much as I'd like it to be.)

First up, we have a black, open front cardigan from Apt. 9.

Cute, right? It's on sale for 25 bucks and is the style I was looking for. Here is a picture of me actually wearing it. (Please forgive my unwashed appearance, complete with day old, smudged mascara under my eyes.)

(I also just realized I look REALLY fat in this picture. When will I learn to stop pulling my chin into my neck? I don't really feel like cropping my face out of this picture, so believe when I say I don't weigh 300 pounds.)

Anyway, the cardigan is actually black, even though it looks navy blue in the picture.

Next up, we have this gray sweater from Elle. It's on sale for 30 bucks.

Again, open front. But this one is much longer in the back and has a little bit more complicated front. Here I am modeling it in the store:

Blurry, but you get the point.

I feel as though the gray looks more flattering in the pictures, but I think that's because I didn't have it pulled over mah boobs, which are large-ish. (TMI! Welcome male readers that are not my husband!) In real life, I felt as though the black was a bit more flattering. HOWEVER, the gray one looked just fine and it might be more versatile? If the gray one had been darker, then I think I would just go for it. But it's lighter shade (and higher price...5 whole dollars!) are giving me pause.

So what do you think? Gray or black? Help a sister out!


Jenny C said...

Gray! Gray! Gray!

Christy said...

I also vote for gray!

Philly said...

So funny since I like the black... it looks like it is a lighter weight and that you would get more use out of it? So i would buy the black and then stalk the gray till it is cheaper!