Monday, November 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Monday Edition!

1. I saw ANOTHER Alaska license plate today! I realize they are probably here because of the bazillion military bases in San Antonio, but Alaska! Seriously! That is so very far away!

2. Here's a picture of me from last Sunday in my new cardigan. I've worn it several times this week, so I can say it was a good investment. (Note: This was before All The Vomit.)

3. So we're leaving earlier than expected for Thanksgiving because we have to attend a family funeral. This means we're going to be in Ohio for two solid weeks. TWO WEEKS. I have this feeling that people are going to ask, "Did you guys move...back?"

4. I'm very nervous that I don't have enough warm clothes for Jack. I know this is going to shock you, but there's a pretty big temperature difference between south Texas and central Ohio. But I'm hesitant to buy a coat for him when he's not going to wear it very much. But at the same time, I don't want him to, ya know, FREEZE. I forsee many trips to baby re-sale shops in the next two weeks.

5. I've been trying to readjust my typing style and stop putting two spaces after a period. You guys, it's basically impossible. I've been typing since I was ten. (My mom taught me early because she used to be a typing teacher and COULD NOT STAND it when I used to look at the keys to type on our old word processor.) Twenty years of habit is very difficult to break. I'm constantly going back and deleting the extra space. I miss it!

6. Something my mom never taught me to use was excessive use of the caps lock key. That one I've learned all on my own. But! My old laptop is breaking down and the keyboard just can't handle it. I have to SLAM my finger on the caps lock key for it to work. It kinda hurts. Between that and my constant backspacing after EVERY sentence, posting is getting painful.

7. I started this post hours ago and still can't think of a good item for number 7. In that time, I dropped off Alex's suit at the dry cleaners and then went to pick up (yet another) prescription for Jack. And, of course, our insurance didn't cover Jack's medicine, so I came home empty handed. Which is depressing since he needs something for this cough that he's got going on. And yes, I know that was just as boring as it sounds, but I've had this window open for HOURS now and I just can't take any more staring at this screen. There are grilled cheese sandwiches that need to be eaten.


Ashley said...

Um, are you not supposed to use 2 spaces after a period now? Because I still do.
Delsym is a good OTC cough med for kids; it might be a little cheaper than the prescription stuff.

Philly said...

Same here... since we are we not supposed to use the 2 spaces after a period?

Christy said...

Dang it! Both Ashley AND Phil beat me to it. I also still use the 2 spaces. Did I miss something?

Cora said...

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I heard about it on Twitter. I follow a few editors and I've seen them tweet about it on more than one occasion.

Here's a link that explains it way better than I can:

So I'm not making it up! It's a real thing! :)

mental mosaic said...

I switched to one space after periods while doing transcription for a living. Y'know how male swimmers shave their legs so that they can go that much faster? That extra space after the period helped me to type that much faster.

I hear ya on the temp diff between Texas and Ohio!


Christy said...

Oh, I see! So it may take me years to stop putting two spaces. It's so ingrained in me. But it makes perfect sense!